The Lumezi Parliamentarian writes….

Good evening Zambia

Last week, I was issued with two callouts. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Zambia Police requested that I appear before them today, 27th March 2023, and tomorrow, 28th March 2023, respectively.

This is in connection to the information I, as Secretary General of African Parliamentarian Network against Corruption (APNAC), released to the public involving two senior cabinet ministers and their corrupt activities. Before these callouts, these two characters responded that they would sue me for defamation. A day later, the President of Zambia, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, whom we all know, has shifted the ACC to operate under his office directed the said ministers to sue me for the information I released.I was branded mischievous by the president, the supervisor of ACC. Then, the ACC, which is answerable to the president, who claims I am mischievous, wants me to give them the evidence I have against the characters in question. How ironic!

The boss of ACC, President Hichilema, has already made a prejudiced judgment over what I released to the public. What will the ACC do with information that their supervisor, whom they report to, says comes from a person he considers mischievous, even before hearing the side of my story? Obviously, for the supervisor of ACC, President Hichilema to ask his two ministers to sue me, means he has no confidence in whatever evidence I have. In Chewa they say Chakanga bakha nkuku ingatani? ( What a duck fails to eat, a chicken can’t eat) . If the superior of ACC doesn’t have confidence in my information, what is the purpose of ACC wanting me to give them this information? I cannot help but feel that their interest is either to know my sources or destroy the information. The truth can’t be far from that.

I do not have confidence in the ACC because, as can be seen, their supervisor supritends over their operations such that he discredits information from Whistleblowers even before verifying that information. The ACC, in its current situation, is a toothless, useless get-together that has lost its significance, and no sane person can trust it. I wrote to ACC to inform them I am not bound to appear before them and that, I have written to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to allow me to privately prosecute the two characters I have singled out in this corruption, in court. If ACC is interested to know what I have to offer, let them instead ask their supervisor to allow the DPP grant me permissionto prosecute these characters before court.

Let me also turn to the suspicious action of the Police to ambush and abduct me, a day before I am scheduled to appear before them, as per their callout. What is the desperation?

President Hichilema himself alway cried loudest whenever he was visited by the Police at his house, when there was a call out for him to appear the next day before the Police. Isn’t this what he complained against and now, he claims, almost always, that doesn’t happen under his so-called “rule of law”?

Again, it would not be too wrong to assume that this desperate abduction by the Police of me, is meant to access the evidence I have and destroy it. The situation ACC finds itself in is the same as the Police.Well, the information I have is secure and they can get my phones but they will not destroy the evidence. Not today, not tomorrow and not any day.

If this UPND government believes so much that it’s members cannot be corrupt, let the DPP allow me to privately prosecute the characters in question.

I write from confinement
I remain MZ


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