The fact that PF are the ones who first knew about Jay Jay’s abduction and then also announced his discovery raises too many questions – Laura Miti


Laura Miti writes….

Koma ba PF!

Look PF, the fact that you are the ones who first knew about Jay Jay’s abduction and then also announced his discovery raises too many questions樂!

Most notably for me is how so many of you were able to get to Kafue in the small hours of the morning, doing so before Kafue residents or the police.

So ninshi were you all in one house holding vigil, olo chenze bwanji?

Elo, the person who found Jay Jay, what was he doing walking kumakolingo at night, and how did he have all your numbers? Are you suggesting Jay Jay is unlike the rest of us and has memorised multiple numbers?

Finally, what kind of private citizen finds a hurt person and does not call the police?

Heneway – tizamvela.


    • Idiot why shouldn’t you be the first one to notice that your wife is missing if you’re found together everyday?. Why not should you be the one to announce first if you happened to be one of the first to be informed because you’ve been the most concerned on tails of the police every minute?.

  1. Law enforcement officers have been weaponized to deal with the opposition. So, do you expect them to be interested in the well-being of an opposition MP? Add to that the fact that recruitment and promotions in law enforcement agencies are more regionally based than ever before.

  2. The truth of the matter is that all this has been schemed by PF. It’s a fact that they will deny, but all indicators point to them.
    If government continues to treat them with kid gloves, then expect more of such.

  3. I don’t trust anyone in this case
    …Not this government and not PF.
    That hon Banda has been found, let him tell the nation what happened…I will only listen to his word alone. Not from Hakainde’s police or the PF.

  4. What Laura Miti, who is supposed to be a Human Rights Commissioner, is doing is mocking the humanity of JJ Banda and those close to him from his family, his friends and political party associates. This woman lacks respect for the humanity of others. Is she in order to suggest PF is the one responsible for JJ’s abduction? Is she also in order to suggest JJ is a zombie who would agree to allow PF play politics with him by stage-managing an abduction that puts his life at risk? How outrageous and horrendous can Laura Miti’s thoughts be to suggest the foregoing?

    • JJ Banda was allegedly abducted. Who phoned his political allies to tell them that he had been abducted? Any reasonable person would want to know the answer to this question.

      • Just imagine, if I park my car by chilumbulu Road side no one will think that am abducted and even my wife will only report to the police or relatives maybe late at night. But these PF fools knew that J.J was abducted just a moment after his car was found by them, lol

    • Is PF in order to suggest govt was behind JJ’s disappearance? Is it not strange that PF and so called UKA “rushed” to police to camp there demanding answers from Police on a matter Police had no leads on? Lungu confidently told the family he would find JJ, so why was he hounding the police for information when he knew where JJ was?And the audacity of JJ’s sister putting up a show ati Speaker of the National Assembly has said nothing to them as family!Who do they think they are? Their brother was a criminal who used his thuggery to worm his way in parliament. Even PF did not want him to represent them, hence they did not adopt him to stand on their ticket.

  5. When circumstances of a case has strange unexplained twists and turns claims and suddely the person reappears as he disappeared. It brings great concern of possible manipulation.

    It is like the abductors and supposedly chance finders collaborated at awkward hours in the night to enable quick unco-ordinated media reporting. Fault finding.

    Something about this drama is very suspicious and hard to believe. We want to know the truth. I am sure we will get to bottom of this episode number….(fill in the blank) usually in such loosely tied issues there are always loose ends which lead to the truth.

  6. Edgar Chagwa Lungu must not be taken lightly. When Kk was under house arrest who said Easterners were mistreated?
    Edgar Chagwa Lungu must not be forgotten that he was not only a president but was a commander of all armed forces. Meaning he is not a civilian but un indisplined man in Uniform. He must not be taken lightly but with restrictions because he can harm the Nation.
    Edgar Chagwa Lungu must realize that he ruled this Nation before and took orth twice as a republican president who should be giving good advices to those who are eying for presidency. ECL must be above reproach who can not be compared to ranting political leaders. RB is the best example who lead only 3 years but was an outstanding leader who came out clean

  7. This Laura Miti even if she’s a lawyer she must be very dull! And she’s just buying a very cheap ticket to go on the same eviction bus with Hichilema and Upnd. We know English is a very foreign language to her, so her understanding of it is very low! Everybody who reads English and has been following this nonsensical abduction knows who knew about the abduction first, it was private citizen who informed the police then police informed family. And then all political parties in this country gathered except Laura Miti’s Upnd. Then his discoveries after the abductors feared threats from family, friends and politicians was by a private family again , whose phone he used to ring his mother, who is of course not a PF politician, then police learnt about, and the family informed rest of family , some of whom are politicians! And some PF politicians joined in after they learnt about it. So in Laura’s dreams she saw PF. My advise is Laura Miti keep a low profile otherwise when these case come up after 2026, you will be one of the witnesses! If he was found near Mkushi river, a PF stronghold going northwards, we would have said may be the suspects are PF people. But he was found in Kafue, a Upnd stronghold going southwards, so it should have more to do with Upnd, and that’s why people like Laura know about these suspicions, and are now faking PF. Anyway, the truth will be known even after 2 years from now. And the perpetrators should just be just run away after 2026 for they will be in big problems! So Laura Miti, Bishop Mambo , Kalala and others have discovered that they rode a wrong horse in 2021! That’s what happens when your reasoning is based on hatred!

    • From your bitterness, you clearly rode a wrong horse in 2021. There’s no way we Zambians will let Lungu’s thieving family and his cohorts ever rule this country again! The first we, the public, heard about JJ’s abduction was from PF and UKA. The police merely reported following up an abandoned vehicle belonging to JJ and must have informed the family who confirmed he had not come home that night. Lungu and PF excitedly went to police to demand for information on JJ’s whereabouts like police had found him in the vehicle and were hiding him.

  8. Laura Miti is correct. This is a PF scheme. It won’t work. They know they cannot win elections ; so they want to resort to anarchy. All your plans will fail. You will rot in jail. The matter will go to court and culprits will be jailed. All those supporting PF schemes, you are doomed. You dide Munior Zulu to propagate hate speech; he will go to jail alone

  9. She is leaking as usual. Age is a human rights commission but always speaks against the opposition instead of holding the ruling party accountable. Such useless usefools

  10. When somebody told me that this woman has lots personal problems I thought he was joking, so it’s true! But personal problem must be brought in public, you just look foolish! You become what is called an educated fool!

  11. Let the police do their job by investigating the matter. The only institution mandated by law to do that is the police.Its better to listen to the police than to politicians. I would ask the PF especially to torn down and let the police do their Job . The way PF senior members are behaving it’s like they have more information about this case which might be vital to the police. Let them help the police so that criminals are brought to book rather than making statements that might bring chaos in the country. One Zambia one Nation!


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