By Ruth Dante


1. The K1.5 million CDF allocation to constituencies that only supported the ruling party was BETTER than the K30.6 million allocated and disbursed to all constituencies across the country.

2. Cadres collecting levy from traders and bus stations was BETTER than the mandated money the local government is collecting.

3. Remaining with the unsustainable debt that ECL’s government incurred from wreckless borrowing and later defaulting was BETTER than restructuring and saving funds for critical ministries.

4. It was BETTER for Indeni to remain closed than for HH’s government to reopen it in order to reduce fuel rates and bring back retrenched employees.

5. Employment freeze was BETTER than the HH government, which has so far employed more than 80,000 in the civil service.

6. Retiring civil servants from selected regions for national interest was BETTER than retaining all civil servants, irrespective of their region, including those employed as cadres under the PF constitution.

7. Failure to pay council workers was BETTER than that of HH, who cleared arrears and started paying them regularly.

8. Scrapping off student meal allowances by ECL’s government was BETTER than HH’s government reinstating and extended to over 7 universities.

9. Keeping retirees gratuities unpaid by ECL’s cruel government was BETTER than HH, who cleared them and introduced the 20% partial withdrawal.

10. Paying school fees under ECL’s government was BETTER than that of HH, which has successfully implemented the free education policy.

11. Mopani remaining shut was BETTER than HH finding equity partners for it to become operational.

12. Zambia remaining with debt, which destroyed the economy and caused a loss of investor confidence, was BETTER than HH, who has managed to restructure.

13. ECL’s government failing to properly collect revenue was BETTER than HH’s government, which is prudently collecting over K100 billion.

14. Zambia having panga-carrying cadres who had more authority than civil servants and other ordinary citizens in the name of Boma nil Boma’s was BETTER than HH stopping CADRELISM.

15. According to their constitution, qualifications did not matter, but membership was BETTER than HH’s public job advertisements, and academic qualifications are once again becoming important.

16. The high number of unemployed teachers and health worker graduates was BETTER than the employment created by HH and its government.

17. Failing to attract FDI under ECL’s government was BETTER than UPND bringing over $3.8 billion.
18. Kasama remaining with an airstrip under ECL’s government was BETTER than Kasama having an airport.

19. Paying K700 million to ghost workers by PF was BETTER than HH saving the resources for other critical ministries.

20. Failing to run fisheries by ECL’s government was BETTER than the restocking and production of more than 4 million fingerlings by HH’s government.

21. Running an unbalanced cabinet with a few selected regions by PF was BETTER than running an all-inclusive balanced cabinet by UPND.

22. FAILURE to manage debt they incurred because of wreckless borrowing under ECL’s government IS BETTER than restructuring it and enacting Debt Management Act No. 15. of 2022.

23. Lack of bursaries and skills training for youths in constituencies under CDF was BETTER than HH’s introduction of bursaries, grants, and loans under CDF to train and empower youths and women.

24. Closing media houses and suspending some was BETTER than ‘HH’s government, which has enacted FOI Ubill into law.

25. You killed citizens through politics like Nsama, Mapenzi, Kasongo, Lawrence, etc.; UPND has brought sanity.

26. Failure to pay off 258,000 farmers under ECL’s government was BETTER than HH’s government, which has paid all of them.

27. Failure to pay retirees in government TAZAMA and TAZARA workers under ECL’s government was BETTER than HH clearing all their dues.
28. Stealing social cash transfers under ECL’s government was BETTER than UPND, which has increased the number of beneficiaries.

29. Failure to take advantage of DRC opportunities was BETTER than establishing an electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant.

30. Importing fertilizer was BETTER than enabling a local manufacturing plant at $138 million, which has not only reduced the price of the vital commodity but also created employment for the local people.

31. Failure to take advantage of ZNS to grow the economy was BETTER than UPND purchasing 10 milling plants and reopening farm blocks to improve agriculture.

32. Cadres burning and splashing money under ECL’s government were BETTER than channeling money to the country’s important developments.



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