“The Frustration of PF Members: A Political Analysis of Antonio Mourinho Mwanza’s Resignation”

By Dr. Mwelwa

The resignation of Antonio Mwanza must not be trivialized but rather seen as an eye-opener of the frustration that exists among Patriotic Front members, highlighting a number of fundamental issues that exist within the party.

Jesus said; “Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.”

This principle is a reminder that we should first examine ourselves and our own flaws before we criticize and judge others. It encourages us to take responsibility for our own actions and to address our own weaknesses and prejudices before pointing them out in others.

By examining ourselves first, we become better equipped to understand and empathize with others, and we approach them with humility and compassion.

In essence, this principle teaches us to focus on self-improvement instead of obsessing over the faults of others, and in doing so, we become better individuals and better able to help others.

This is the message to my leaders in PF, and my fellow members of the party. We must make PF better than UPND before we start with our desire to bounce back.

At the helm of the party, we have a leader who calls for the selection of a new leader, while deep down he wants to return to politics, as evident by the threats posed against those expressing divergent views against the return of the former President.

One would assume that the party called for a presidential electoral process to commence, not to allow for more transparency, but rather to weaken strong men in the party, a strategic seduction meant to weaken the financial capacities of those who were interested in competing for the presidency.

The process was and remains very expensive; first, the nomination fee was K200, 000.00, followed by the costs countrywide mobilization and campaigns, which are not cheap ventures.

This was against the backdrop of elections that were to be held within three months, but it has now become an indefinite agenda, making it difficult for any candidate to sustain such a project and maintain the grip on their supporters.

As it stands, PF is a party sustained by strong men and memories of past gratification that came with being a PF cadre, rather than a philosophy or agenda. Meanwhile, the socialist party seems to have a clear message and a roadmap and gives people the much-needed hope of a better future.

Taking an honest look, not through political lenses, we must admit that we had a leader who, due to lack of leadership, failed to manage the country’s economy. His administration over-borrowed, leading to the country starting to default on debt repayments. Under President Lungu, voices of reason within the party were sidelined or silenced by violent cadres, thus those who voice their concerns fear retribution from the dictatorial tendencies of the current PF president.

If we’re honest, Zambians like suffocating voices of reason with blackmail, assuming those who speak out or write have been sponsored. However, I personally have been a voice of dissent for years now, some of you will recall my weekly reflection that was being published by the New Vision Newspaper years back.

During his resignation media address Mr. Mwanza revealed that there is a clique within the Central Committee that doesn’t want to go to the convention, and court cases are not the reason for avoiding it.

Members are frustrated and disillusioned by the lack of direction and courage from those in leadership, causing a diminishing cycle of goodwill, therefore making decisive action necessary to prevent the party’s total collapse.

Three critical things must happen if the PF is to survive:

  1. A collision of courageous men who must demand for critical decisions that consider the interests of those who have sacrificed for the party’s survival to-date and leaders who have sacrificed for the party’s survival to this day,
  2. A split to create a movement that will form future alliances with others to save Zambia from the dictatorial regime created by the failures of the PF leadership.
  3. If President Lungu wants to come back, he must do that urgently, demonstrate that he has learned from his failures and he is willing to listen to his critics. He must surround himself with a brand-new team, not the ones that misled him and caused him to lose power. He must be willing to work with independent minds who have the courage to say NO.

As we approach the halfway point of the electoral cycle, it is essential that our party makes critical decisions to mitigate losing influence and potentially reducing our numbers in the next Parliament. Without swift action, we may face a fate similar to parties such as the MMD and UNIP that fell into oblivion.

Regrettably, some individuals involved in promoting the “Alebwelelapo” concept are the same people who played a role in sinking the MMD. Therefore, it is vital to approach this forthcoming election cycle with wisdom and carry out our duties with integrity and a clear agenda.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article, as I remain a steadfast member of the Patriotic Front.


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