The House of KK in Kawambwa at Ntumba Chushi


The House of KK in Kawambwa at Ntumba Chushi

This is the small house the first President of Zambia Dr Kenneth Kaunda, as often as possible, spent days and nights in during one of his many working holidays in Kawambwa at Ntumba Chushi Falls.

The first President replicated this tradition through out all ten provinces of Zambia, as he also endeavoured to promote tourism to both a domestic and international audience.

The house is a shadow of what it used be to be then, could use a coat of paint but remains rich in history. This house talks.

President Kaunda, when he needed to plan for the nation, preferred to leave the capital, Lusaka and head to Nsumbu, Nkamba bay or Mfuwe national park. MHSRIP.

Amb. Anthony Mukwita 03.04.2023


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