The Ingratitude of Man: How History Repeats Itself

Edgar Lungu

By Musamba Barbrah Chama

The Ingratitude of Man: How History Repeats Itself

By Barbrah Musamba Chama – The Voice of Reason

Throughout history, there have been numerous instances where individuals or groups have forgotten the sacrifices made by their leaders and longed for the days of oppression, mistreatment, and hardship. The Israelites’ yearning for their time in Egypt under Pharaoh is a prime example of this phenomenon.

Despite the harsh realities of slavery, the Israelites grew accustomed to the material comforts and familiarity of their Egyptian existence. When Moses led them out of bondage, they faced the challenges of an unfamiliar wilderness, food shortages, and internal strife. These hardships caused many Israelites to lament their liberation and wish for a return to the “security” of slavery.

Similarly, in Zambia, many citizens have forgotten the oppressive rule of Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) government. They have become accustomed to the relative stability and economic progress brought about by the current administration under Hakainde Hichilema, yet they seem to have conveniently forgotten the PF’s history of violence, corruption, and disregard for human rights.

The PF’s brutal treatment of citizens at bus stations, markets, and places like “Kamugodi,” a notorious torture chamber in Lusaka, is a stark reminder of their oppressive rule. Yet, some Zambians seem willing to overlook these atrocities for the sake of perceived short-term gains.

This amnesia, this willingness to forget the darkness of the past, is a dangerous trend. It allows those who seek power through oppression and violence to exploit the short-term memories of the people, promising a return to the “good old days” that were, in reality, anything but good.

Zambians must not allow themselves to fall into this trap of nostalgia. They must remember the PF’s brutality, their disregard for human rights, and their economic mismanagement. They must hold onto the progress made under the current administration and continue to demand accountability and transparency from their leaders.

Only by staying vigilant and refusing to be swayed by empty promises can Zambians safeguard their hard-won freedom and ensure that the country continues on its path towards a more just, prosperous, and democratic Zambia


  1. Funny, you can not write your history without quoting from Hebrew myths
    Lungu was bad for Zambia full stop. He was good for packing the presidential jet with Jameson and cadres dancing on the plane.

  2. Spot on. Thank you. Zambia still has people who are normal, sober minded and can articulate issues in a sensible way. Not balya bangwele who only see the bad in current leadership. Thunder will fire the STUPID IDIOTS.

  3. Equally, the UPND must guard against the very practices that brought PF down – arrogance, police brutality, tribalism, cadreism and incompetence.

    We, the public, must remain vigilant and demand for accountability. During PF rule we went into a deep slumber and by the time we woke up, it was too late. PF had us by the throat and was choking us. It was divine intervention that saved us.

    UPND are not angels and some of them actually envied the obnoxious things PF were doing and given the chance, they would do the same.


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