The invasion of Bishop’s Office by police in kabwe risks to sour international relationship with Catholic Church-Fr. Martin Mwango


Invading Catholic Bishop’s Office, what does it mean..?

By Fr. Martin Mwango

The invasion of Bishop’s Office by police in kabwe risks to sour international relationship with Catholic Church.

In every part of an institution there are dos and donts, boundaries where one can reach and where one cannot forceflly enter no matter the pressure or situations.but there are other people within that institutions allowed to enter of course with permission.

The kabwe incidence where a police officer forced himself into Bishop’s office without permission has a strong meaning in the Catholic fraternity and procedure. It is beyond the insults the church and its clergies and shepherds have suffered in the hands of UPND.
If this is not handled properly has consequences on the diplomatic relationship between zambian government and Rome. It’s take it or leave and truth be told..
What happened last week in kabwe simply means entering Popes private room without due respect because that office is purely private and has nothing to do with politics and hatred. that’s why you will NEVER find the political portrait in that office because it is an embassy in it’s own way.
I smell risks between Zambia and Vatican City whose sovereignty is exercised by the Pope upon his election as the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

The fact is, the police must know that the Bishop’s office is private and can accommodate anyone as it enjoys its rights to privacy and the bishop accommodated in that office has a mandate to bring people to Christ. He can accommodate anyone either those from opposition and those from the ruling government. Even those that are worst condemned in society and deemed to be criminals.Therefore, to teach our Police officer jurisdiction between state and the Church I can quote that:
“A bishop is an ordained member of the clergy who is entrusted with a position of authority and oversight in a religious institution” he cannot be intimidated by the ones in power or in opposition because he speaks for voice of the voiceless.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation should show concern and safeguard the relationship that Zambia had enjoyed with the Holy See way back before it’s Independence.

What we witnessed in Kabwe where a Police officer invaded the Bishop’s office may not sit well with the Vatican whose Embassy is right in Lusaka-Zambia. What the Police should know is that, while the Church buildings remain open for the public, the Bishop’s offices remains private entities and it reports directly to the Holy See through it’s Embassy at the Nunciature. The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church whose sit is in Vatican City and represented at diocese level.Therefore, invading the Bishop’s office is breaking the international relationship law and this can call for compromise on the international community. Infact; “The Zambian Constitution under article 17 provides for the right to privacy including the right not to be searched (person, home or property); “not to have possessions seized; not to have information relating to family, health status and private affairs unlawfully required or revealed; and not to have communications.”

The Foreign Affairs Minister should come in, to correct the act and condemn it strongly.The apology that was tendered in by home affairs minister while addressing other isdues is considered too merely and has a different interpretation to the griefing embassy whose security and protection has been britched by state security.The head of that office is the Pope, then the Bishop’s office and that of a priest is known for it’s private confessions, counselling, teaching, guidance etc. Therefore, we call for mutual relationship between the Zambian State and the Church in Zambia. What the government and Police service in Zambia should understand is that: in Roman Catholic Church there seven principles that are respected for the human being, promotion of the family, the individual’s right to own property, the common good, subsidiarity, the dignity of work and workers, and pursuit of peace and care for the poor, to summarize some of the essentials of Catholic social teaching from Leo XIII through Benedict XVI.

I therefore demand for serious apologies from government and respect Popes office and let it operate as it has been in the past. The chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi will not bring peace, love and care to zambia but will dent the corporate image of zambian government and its leadership.
Power and leadership are too different to be mixed . it’s just like love and hatred don’t mix .

As a church we shall endure the humiliation we are being subjected to but our fundamentals and social teachings will continue to ponder on. Catholic church will condemn the injustices but if those in authority decide not to listen, one day they shall listen.


  1. Hakainde has gone too far. He thinks he is God. He is absolute…the alpha and Omega. He is very wrong and his nosense won’t be condoned…If as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces , he can allow the Police to invade the sanctity of the Catholic Church Bishop, then he has lost it completely.
    If those Praise Thugs and Tribal Zealots he habours , think he is a god, let them not extend their nuisance to the Church.. Before Hakainde, we are human beings…born and to die, and our Spiritual life rests in our God..and in his ministry on Earth.

  2. God is there for everyone including HH, you and me, so stop accusing or mud smearing the innocent person, God will punish the accusers of their brethren. It’s normal that at times a police or army officer can make a mistake or can act over zealously but that doesn’t mean that the President is always involved no. Even you Sir, your son can make a mistake which has nothing to do with your innocence. The Bible clearly says that the Fathers will not be guilty of the sins for their children and the children will not be guilty of the sins of their Fathers. Allow HH to die for his own sins and that of the police. Is it the first time that police are making a mistake? Were they not making mistakes under Lungu? Under Lungu the same police shot and killed people like Nsama Nsama, Joseph Kaunda, Mapenzi Chibulo, Lawrence Banda and many others. According to you, was it Lungu who was telling them to kill? And which is worse than the other, to storm an office or to shoot and kill someone? Please let’s be fair and objective when we offer our checks and balances. HH is now the only name one mentions for anything negative that happens and yet no one mentions his name when he does something positive. God is God, he is not man, you can hate someone and yet that’s his favorite or his choice. Have you not read what he told Samuel, he said; how long are going to mourn for Saul, seeing that I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? Get up , fill your horn with oil and go to Jesse the Bethlehemite, l have provided me a king among his sons. So my dear stop that perpetual hatred for an innocent person, in HH God had provided himself a leader to reign in Zambia. Ukupata abanenu bakayele muleke bane, mukapya ububi, God is watching, Lesa talala.

  3. Sir, whichever church ka faza goes, he talks politics. It is no wonder he is pursued.
    If he was a man who is level headed, nothing of this nature would ever happen.
    Now, with his pronouncement last Sunday, the police have the right to monitor him more closely. If he has to be followed to the toilet, so be it. Because he is a suspect for genocide.
    He put the country at harm’s way when he was president. He wants to continue even in opposition?
    Ikona man!

  4. @Katwishi
    In Africa, we believe anyone the same age as your father is your father. So is anyone the same age as your grandfather. The Bible says respect for your parents earns you a long life.

  5. The church has become a political siren. They barely talk about rampant immorality or salvation. They were enjoying the corrupted lungu government that’s why they are cry babies now .everytime Lungu is mentioned they all stand up and blame HH let them quote the part of the constitution which was broken. Let them read the public order act and see what it says about such gatherings involving public figures. Lungu is also a lawyer why act stupid ba so called church you are justifying why people don’t go to church you are scammers with your snake he said it himself .if you read your bible you will notice a snake represents
    3.a symbol of evil
    And he said it in front in the so called church

  6. This is utter nonsense and myopic by this Bishop. Is the Roman Catholic church now an opposition political Party??


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