The John General Story: I strongly doubt rape will stand in the John General scandal- Lenin Banda

Bishop John General
Bishop John General

The John General Story

By Lenin Banda

To secure a conviction in a rape case two important things must proved beyond reasonable doubt, that is force and penetration. There are certain instances when one who is not involved in the act can be charged with rape.

If for example one gets a gun and order a couple to have carnal knowledge and that is done under duress. A person who has given an order can be charged with rape.

You see, I strongly doubt rape will stand in the John General scandal. To prove rape there must be proof beyond reasonable doubt that force was used.

Penetration isn’t an issue here if the two really had carnal knowledge, I am sure the medical report will show that.

Here are the lacunae in this case;

1. The woman allowed John General into her matrimonial bedroom. That looks like consent to me.

2. The 28 year woman didn’t shout for help. She didn’t see the need because there was some form of agreement.

3. John General had all the time to take off his clothes. What kind of rape is that? Take off all the clothes in someone’s matrimonial bed, these chaps are courageous.

4. It was all quiet till the husband walked in. If he didn’t it was going to be kept as a secret.

5. Among the things John General left no gun has been reported. So, whatever was happening wasn’t under duress. There was consent

6. What was the gentleman Katwishi nga ni protocol doing in the living room? Ale tamba tower te?

Ladies and gentlemen, this can’t be a rape case. Let’s call it marriage interference which is a misdemeanor and not a felony. Surely, the lady gave consent.

When we advise you against false prophets you say we are not anointed and that we are bitter.

These chaps are busy destroying marriages. Unfortunately, that marriage will never be the same again.


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