The Kakubo forced resignation raises more questions than answers

Stanley Kakubo
Stanley Kakubo

The Kakubo forced resignation raises more questions than answers

One question that has been answered is that the video that went viral, but did not show ex-foreign minister Kakubo’s face but just voices, indeed was a transaction that involved him.

However, some of the details of the transaction raise more questions and need deeper investigations. Ideally, this scandal should claim more victims. Below are the top 6 questions:

1. How did Stanley Kakubo obtain that mining licence when the mining cadastre was shut down for clean up? Was it cleaning up or sharing of licences that really took place?

2. The amount of cash involved was reported to be about $200,000. What is the actual amount? Why was the transaction done outside the banking system and what was the motive?

3. A change of ownership of property is subject to properly transfer tax, shouldn’t ZRA also now interogate this transaction and levy relevant taxes and penalties since all citizens are equal before the law?

4. Isn’t this an indictment of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), what are they waiting for to effect arrest and put a restriction order on the property and licences concerned?

5. For the new dawn government, aren’t they getting high level intelligence briefings of which ministers and top government officials are involved in corrupt practices? Why should Zambia wait for matters to be cracked by the media when investigative agencies that receive govt funding are not producing results?

6. If one is not fit and forced to resign as Minister, why are they fit to be an MP?. There are about 4 ministers that have serious corruption allegations against them. ACC has received reports and details of the allegations. Why is there inertia to take action?

Dear ZBT reader, what other questions does this Kakubo forced resignation bring to your mind?

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