The law on animal theft


The law on animal theft

By Dr Lubinda Haabazoka

One night at my farm, I lost 16 sheep! And everyday I was losing a goat. I also used to lose one cow in a month. I just called my farm neighbour to pick everything and that’s how I closed my farm.

All this was happening despite the fact that I was paying the guys well and creating employment in the area!

Village chicken eggs were feeding the whole community without my knowledge. Fresh produce was also sold. New born animals were hidden the times I would visit.

Charcoal burners and squatters so called the local community were also a nuisance! These are some of the huddles farmers go through. How can we develop as a nation like this?

When you leave fertiliser, it will disappear so you have to be personally there. In the fish pond, all fish will be caught and you only harvest ba limbwe limbwe!

Animal dip will be used on neighbour animals! Mu Zambia yalikaba!

So apa 14 years with hard labour! Maybe I will reopen that farm on the Copperbelt now.

We just need to amend the law to allow night movement of animals.


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