The Luangwa loss is not ony a wake up call but an embrassment to UPND leadership- Thomas Sipalo


Thomas Sipalo

In whichever way you want to comfort yourselves, the fact is that the UPND have completely neglected their party structures, the leadership is enjoying governance forgeting that they are in politics and in politics the structures hold the party…

The Luangwa loss is not ony a wake up call but an embrassment to the party leadership,mind you Luangwa is in Lusaka province and loosing it to PF is a bad signal for UPND and its alliance.

If the courts will allow Bowman and Malanji stand the UPND (new dawn) will still lose unless they start playing politics, all new dawn leaders have forgetten that they are enjoying governance because structures influenced and secured their votes,the gap between the leadership and the party is getting wider by the day.

Let UPND get back to reorganizing their party before more embarrassing defeats befall them…

Fimba upoke or ulenya ulelapila formula isn’t appealing to the grassroot members who unfortunately are the ones you call cadres and are not considered important by any praise member.

Anyways let insults start flowing, we are now used kaili our friends are allergic to the truth. ….

Meanwhile dstv price Must fall.
#PricesMustFall 👎

Thomas Sipalo,


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