The Mbunda Royal Establishment comes out in support of President Hichilema’s stance on the Barotseland issue

Litunga, HH

P. O. BOX 940079

Monday 22” January, 2024

As a prominent Royal Establishment of a historically indigenous Mbunda
speaking population, domiciled in the Western Province of the Republic of
Zambia, we wish to place it on record that we fully support His Excellency Mr.
Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of Zambia following his
pronouncement that there is no such country called Barotseland.

Our thorough scrutiny of the most modem world map has failed to yield the result of any
location of a country or territory anywhere called Barotseland. And therefore
claims to revert to the supposed original status as Barotseland or the restoration
of the defunct Barotseland Agreement (B.A.) 1964 are an instigation of rebellion
against an established and internationally recognized State of the Republic of

Similarly, the B.A, 1964 cannot be reclaimed and restored as it is contrary to the
Law that establishes Zambia as a Republic which does not provide for the
‘operation of a state within a State. A Republic is governed by one law that covers
the entire territory and not a part of it. Further the so called Barotseland cannot
function as a kingdom because a kingdom is established by the existence of only
‘one ethnic grouping unlike Western Province which is inhabited by multiple
indigenous ethnic groups among them Mbunda which is the largest single
language group in terms of population size. And the boundaries of Barotseland
should not be reduced to Western Province which is a government established
administrative jurisdiction alongside wards, constituencies and districts.

Therefore as Mbunda speaking people we are neither party to the hullabaloo
surrounding the fictitious existence of the state of Barotseland nor are we
‘available for any rebellious actions in support of the quest for Barotseland. We
firmly stand with Government in promoting Zambia as a unitary State and we
invite President Hakainde Hichilema to embrace Mbundas in Western Province
as they have no bone to chew with his Government.

K. Nyumbu’ (Mr)
District Secretary – Kaoma
Mbunda Royal Council


  1. Ba m’membe naba Kasonde have you heard what the owners have said, don’t play politics with this issue in order for you to gain popularity to that part of the country , that is being selfish and dull KkKKkkKkkK.
    Ama Politics teyabaice iyo kkkkkkkkk. Grow up in your mind and start offering constructive checks and balances to the Government , not ilyo ilyashi lyamu bwalwa kkkkkkkkkkk.

  2. It is utter nonsense to blame Fred for what the people of Barosteland want. Divide and rule cant not work, if a referendum was to be carried out even among the Mbunda’s in Kaoma the results would affirm the position of the BRE. Insulting Fred, over legitimate grievances doesn’t solve anything.
    Truth is truth, either you bend to it or live a lie. A solution must found or Zambians must live a lie, Barosteland existed before Zambia it is way older than Zambia. Consequently wishn it way doesn’t solve anything. But sincerity and truth can achieve much.

    • @Mwila. Barotseland is more complicated than meets your eyes. Barotseland encompassed more land than the Western province of Zambia , according to the map. In the unlikely event that Zambia agrees to restore the ” agreement” , there will be huge problems. Internally, the lamba people of Copperbelt province will never agree to belong to ” Barotseland”. Internally, it would be like funning trouble for ” other ” areas of barotseland located in Botswana, Namibia, etc. As such , let sleeping dogs lie.

      • Ba Sense, tht is being evasive. Nothing gets solved by burying ones head in the ground like an Ostrich. To every problem there is a solution if the brains are tasked to think. Thinking demands you bring the aggrieved parties together and develop a home made solution. Affirming tht since Barosteland includes Copperbelt, parts of Namibia, Botswana, Angola etc which are occupied by lambas or sovereign states consequently the matter can’t be resolved is being simplistic and failure to think.
        Compare the approach of the late President Mwanawasa and the approaches of the other presidents and judge for yourself which approach espoused thinking?
        In a nutshell all am saying is stakeholders should think and respectfully engage each other with a view of finding a long term solution as opposed to denying the problem or insult Fred, which won’t take away the problem.


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