By Mupishi Jones

The greatest mistake Zambians made was;
1.To allow someone who publicly admitted that he had no vision of his own to lead this country.
2. To vote for a person whose professional track record was questionable.Zambians didn’t do a background check on the person they were voting into office.A due diligence wasn’t conducted.Zambians didn’t ask themselves critical questions such as,who is this person,what is his profession, how is his professional conduct or misconduct? How does he relate with his professional statutory bodies,was he at any time reprimanded,if yes on what grounds? How is his personal conduct?Does he drink alcohol, how does he behave when drunk? What about his personal economy? How much personal economy has he built both at individual and national level? How about his family life,does he properly manage it? How many women and marriages has he been involved? Is his personal economy attractive enough to keep his children or some of his children have abandoned him and opted to stay with their mothers? Has he got the capacity to stay with all his children under one roof?

Zambians didn’t ask themselves these critical questions when choosing their leader at that time , especially after the demise of Sata.Instead,they voted based on sympathy arising from untimely death of Sata.

Today, Zambians are very careful.HH has not only been grilled but also tested.God has allowed HH to go through the grinding mill of hell under the PF so that Zambians can see how *tough* and *clean* the man is and he’s passed that test!.HH has been subjected to the most ridiculous questions ranging from his professional conduct down to his family level. His conduct alone has answered to those questions. HH’s examination test set by the PF has only revealed and proved the following;

1.HH is a one-woman family man, with all his children born from one woman and all of them raised and educated under one roof!
2. HH is a devoted Christian, whose congregation was well known long before he joined politics—SDA

3.HH is an economist by profession, whose career saw him rise up to the position of CEO of an internationally reputable firm at the age of 31.

4. HH has NEVER worked in government to be associated with “recycled” politicians of today.
5. HH has never been reprimanded for professional misconduct by any of his statutory regulating bodies during his entire working career.HH has never been summoned to any police department anywhere in the world on criminal allegations.

6. HH’s economic and managerial expertise has seen him to be appointed as Chairperson and Member on numerous corporate organizations both locally and internationally.
7. HH has built his personal economy through the years to become one of the most successful businessmen in this country and abroad.

8.HH’s wealthy has been subjected to microscopic scrutiny by the PF government just to find a dent to pin him down but all that proved futile!

9. HH has been arrested more than 15 times, just within the 7 year rule of the PF alone and even thrown in Zambias most notorious and maximum security prison on politically induced charges, just to break him down,which did not prove anything! He came out of Mukobeko prison after 129 days ten times stronger!

HH’s track record is well known.Anyone can choose to rewind the hands of his clock and see who HH was 20 years ago.

Therefore, to say that it will be a mistake for the Zambian people to vote for HH and UPND is not only misplaced but out of pure malice, ignorance and pathological hatred of a person based on his tribe!

The UPND and it’s Alliance Partners are bringing Zambians *CLEAN* people without any criminal dent in their entire lives! Men and Women of integrity.Men and Women who have excelled without using government resources and positions.Men and Women who have dedicated themselves to turn around the economy of this country for the betterment of all the citizens including the PF, because that’s their profession! Finally, Zambians must ask themselves whether they can survive another 5 years rule of the PF under the current economic conditions.
I can assure Zambians that they will never regret voting for HH and the UPND Alliance Partners.

*Mupishi Jones*
Presidential campaign Team/ Vice Provincial Vice Youth Treasurer UPND western


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