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The nabbing of the Kitwe man should be fairly and honestly be interrogated.
We know that even when your house is broken in today, Police will always have a million excuses for failing to provide timely response. They talk about transport, where there is transport, they will talk about fuel or finally man power. It’s against this background that the swiftness to pick a man for issuing a politically and Economic statement should be questioned.

If only we had this response efficiency on the part of our Police applied impartial to genuine public security threats, Zambia wouldn’t have been in this s**t today.Let’s be fair and honest in our analysis and judgement. Zambia is in a quagmire today without a rescue plan from those we look up to.

Let’s imagine what life is like for the many youths like the Kitwe man who has a family, rent and kids to take to school without a job. Even for the few that are currently in employment, what are you able to buy from your salary. This is the kind of empathy we need in either condemning or justifying such deep manifestations of public discontent.

The gentleman stated no alien truth in his affirmative action statement and he was passionately making a public appeal for a better Zambia. There is absolutely nothing illegal in all his narrative apart from the expression of bitterness that each Zambian carries daily.
We all need to change this failed and embarrassing regime. Why should it be a crime to point out blatant failure? Who doesn’t know that PF is a bunch of failed thieves who have knocked down our economy to the ankle? Who doesn’t know that our Strategic national reserves at BOZ have been plundered. Who doesn’t know that Zambia is the number one defaulter on loan interest repayments? Who doesn’t know that IMF has refused to give Zambian a stimulus financial package because of Corruption, stealing, cheating and poor leadership?

These are all public facts known by everyone. We all know that this is purely Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s failure as the CEO of Zambia. Why has it become a crime to point out his failure? He has robbed the future of our country and the dreams of the youth through his heartless rape and sodomization of our economy. Things have fallen apart under the hand of Lungu.

When hungry people decide to cry out like the Kitwe man, the police should not play efficiency. Let the government provide answers to the deep cries of the nation.When people who may not have the professional competence to question the failed policies suddenly start coming out like this, the Government should wake up. Yes, the young man has been picked, but the facts will remain stubbornly true, Zambia is in a straight jacket. We must change the regime.We warned about the need for the police to be neutral in their delivery of justice, but no one at the time paid attention.

Today, citizens must provide their own security from the armed PF cadres who are protected by the police. PF cadres today can put on military and police uniforms, brandish handguns, fire guns in the public and kill citizens, the police will not touch them. This is argument we present in condemning the Police’s rapid response to a poor patriot. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has eroded the Presidency and legally he no longer deserves respect of the Presidency. Zambia is in a messy to day because of his failure.

PF cadres can today trade insults and enjoy ZNBC free coverage. His ministers can issue divisive tribal hate speeches that are a greater public security threat without a word of censure from him.We are all Zambians. Zambia deserves better.You can lock a man but you can’t stop the national cry of bitterness.

Sikaile C Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist



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