By Hon Kasololo Chisenga

One might indeed ask, since when has Nawakwi become a member of the police or investigative wings of Zambia?

The disappearance or the abduction of the Hatembos was trumpeted by her. This issue has received more media coverage and attention than the PF manifesto.

Sejani, a former cabinet minister in the Chiluba administration, Choma businessman Malambo, Mazabuka and Choma mayor Lilanda and Simoloka respectively, were detained for 30 days over the so called Hatembo abduction. To add to the list, they recently arrested and charged Queen Mukuni with the same abduction.

The Hatembos have however, appeared twice in recent videos, saying Nawakwi should leave them alone. They say it is her they fear since she threatened their lives.

One is tempted to ask, why a civil matter that the Hatembos no longer wish to pursue, has lead to so much government resources, being used to the extent of arresting current serving mayors and a Queen?

Nawakwi has openly said she wants to expose HH but it seems futile, when the complainants in the civil case, no longer want to pursue it. They have even said she was the busybody on the issue and even offered them transport money, which they now wish to refund.

The question that begs is, are the professional police, those who are thoroughly trained in investigative matters at Force Headquarters, really interested in this case? Already there seems to be a problem in that, the group that was arrested, were kept without trial for 30 days. It took the Livingstone high court to order for their release. This means the police kept them in custody illegally. Are the professional, well trained police aware of this misconduct?

So then what is really happening in Zambia? Who is calling the shots to keep people in incarceration for abduction, when the said abductees, keep showing up in videos alive and well and all blaming Nawakwi?

Is there someone professional enough and courageous enough to put an end to this seemingly nonsensical episode?

Let us remember Zambia is not an island, we stand surrounded by neighbouring countries who are all watching what is happening. We also have members of the diplomatic corps in our land, who are obviously discussing these matters at their lunch and dinner tables. We seem to have lost the plot.

If the Hatembos are no longer interested in the civil matter, the professional bodies should summon Nawakwi and tell her to stop it already. She is embarrassing us.

What is Nawakwi’s obsession with the Hatembos? Surely as president of an opposition party, is she not supposed to be busy organising an FDD convention to be re-elected?

Let us not continue wasting government resources on cases that do not make sense. Let the professionals step in and bring an end to this drama!


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