The New Dawn Government Is Trying The Best To Make ZESCO Limited Clean:

There may be some levels of slowness to clean ZESCO Limited but the MD is trying his best despite facing challenges from some senior Patriotic Front Party cadres still holding positions like Call Centre Manager Chanda Mweemba, Senior Manager Customer Service Kennedy Chisanga, Senior Manager IR Isaac Chisanga, most drivers at Transport Department who drove vehicles to and from PF campaigns and some or most of the vehicles have not been retained to date.

Many PF cadres were on ZESCO Limited payroll but were not actually working or found there, while some or most were stealing money. Under customer service, some centre manager at Levy ZESCO Limited customer service centre such as Bwalya Mangamu could use cashiers to steal company money and she is still there at call centre even after being fired, but she is back on payroll because of her connections to Professor Nkandu Luo and through her influence Chanda Mweemba, Kennedy Chisanga etc who are malicious PF cadres have kept a person with a criminal record at call centre at Head office right under the nose of the Managing Director (MD).

There are those that need to leave ZESCO Limited and there are some that don’t need to go. Those that are sabotaging system may frustrate the government’s efforts and in the end will make Zambians think ZESCO Limited is still failing or still is like it was in PF.

What is happening now is the prominent PF cadres still holding big positions have started frustrating people under them in various ways and going against people’s conditions of service but sadly the one being blamed or insulted is the Managing Director and the new dawn government. The longer these cadres are kept the more people under them will be frustrated and more damage they will cause in the corporation as they have failed to work with the government of the day. They were used to corruption or syphoning money, so frustration will make them frustrate everyone from internal to external stakeholders.

The greatest propagandist Joseph Geobbels, the Minister of Propaganda for Adolf Hitler once said, “when a lie is repeatedly told, it graduates to truth in the eyes of those whom it is directed to”.

Lies about Zesco being championed everyday have far-fetching effects if left unchecked.

The ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ modus operandi is being used to discredit the new leadership at Zesco. These narratives must be soaked in context if we have to arrive at the more just and true conclusion.

Zesco is in debt and faces myraid challenges today not because of its current leadership. Most of the challenges are inherited from the previous systems being Patriotic Front Party.

This ultility company has over the years been used by successive regimes to finance party activities and to award sycophants.

For example, during the PF administration, party cadres who never worked at Zesco were drawing salaries from there. The PF cadres who drew money from Zesco were houses at Mukuba House adjucent to Intercity. Some of them were domiciled at the PF Secretariat.

Further, relatives of those who held power were employed in various strategic positions which requires engineering and mechanical expertize. It is no wonder that, a Degree holder in Social Work was employed as Head of Engineering.

This is what the propagandists are not telling Zambians. Few truths are being mixed with many lies to change the narratives to suit goals and settle scores.

There’s little wonder that no day can pass without one reading about this and that imaginary and perceived scandal at Zesco whose aim is to assault the personality of it’s managing director Victor Mapani.

Since taking office, Mapani has done nothing but to set the ultility company on a right path. He had to reorganize the human resource in order to redirect it into achieving and delivering it’s mandate. This involved stoke taking the available labour and aligning it to the required skills and expertise. Why should a person who has knowledge in Social Work find themselves heading an engineering department? Why would party cadres feed from Zesco?

If such persons happens to be Bembas by tribe or related to any former government official, the propagandists would rather such a person is left not touched. If fired, then, Mapani is purging some Zesco employees on tribal lines?

There’s nothing petty than this. The fact is, Zesco has to be realigned and redirected towards it’s objectives. The ultility company has suffered enough molestation at the hands of the politicians and to be specific the PF.

We must not forget that when the PF obtained a 750 million Eurobond, $255 million was injected in Zesco. What is the success story of that investment during the reign of PF?

That money has not achieved anything. Why? Because it was used strategically to feed PF cadres who were installed in the ultility company even when they do not qualify for the jobs they were hired for.

Credit: Topline Details


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