By Bwalya Augustine

52(6) Where a candidate dies, resigns or becomes disqualified in accordance with Article 70, 100 or 153 or a court disqualifies a
candidate for corruption or malpractice, after the close of nominations and before the election date, the Electoral Commission
shall cancel the election and require the filing of fresh nominations by eligible candidates and elections shall be held within thirty days
of the filing of the fresh nominations.

This part of the constitution to me presents a very DANGEROUS PRECEDENT especially in the case of Presidential nominations. Let us say of the 16 aspiring candidates one of them dies like in the case of Mandevu or an aspiring candidate pulls out of elections like in the case of Lusaka Central, what ECZ is saying is that the presidential nominations starts allover and new nomination fees have to be paid as the whole thing becomes NULL AND VOID.

In simple terms ladies and gentlemen this means a POSSIBLE DELAY OF GENERAL ELECTIONS.

As citizens let us be vigilant and take keen interest as there seem to be so many tactics to avoid the polls this year than ever before.

With the levels of poverty coupled with politics of the belly ( Daniel MUNKOMBWE Disciples) Don’t be surprised some candidates will be sponsored to pull out at last minute there by Delay and give advantage to no other than the Ruling Party. ~ Bwalya Augustine 205299063_4397297583654291_1208792913144570214_n206182079_4397297543654295_9011318879079499212_n


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