By David Kapoma

This morning we witnessed the formal formation of an alliance which I want to believe shall stand strong until 12 August and maybe beyond. The joining of Hon Mutati and Coinsel Fube to the UPND alliance brings a complete new dimension to the race.

I want to be quick to mention and warn the PF to pay attention to what the alliance present to them (A strong competition). PF will have to run for their money if they have to win the August 12 elections. One can actually say the game is now ON…

Why do I conclude this way?

What has made UPND fail to win elections over the years is their inability to garner votes from the Northern block. With the coming together of Hon Mutati and Counsel Fube somewhat changes the game. One might want to argue that we had GBM and Dr Mumba among others who worked with UPND in 2016. This argument is baseless and untrue. The truth is; In 2016 PF still enjoyed massive popularity and maintained the sympathy vote, the cost of living was not as high as is now, people where not as fatigued as is the case now.

This year is a completely different year, people are fatigued and unhappy with the high cost of living, the infrastructure built by PF is not good enough to convince the voters in August. And just to remind PF, Copperbelt and Lusaka can no longer be claimed to be strongholds of the PF as I am sure something has shifted in the political realm.

The urban constituency is no longer the stronghold of the PF and this is what people like KBF may begin commanding while Felix Mutati and others concentrate on the rural vote. This is if UPND and team are able to realize where their cat is hiding.

The current situation indicate that UPND has gained a little more numbers in the Northern Block and may gain even more if they play the cards well. I also know that the alliance will also target all the PF aspiring MPs who have been left out on the list of adopted candidates.

To make matters worse, the PF is too confident and burnt on Fighting HH left, right, centre and parading his ‘relatives’ whom he just denied this morning. By doing this they are making HH more stronger and popular.

The PF will be making a HUGE mistake if they decide to downplay, ignore and look down on the newly formed alliance. The odds are not favoring the PF at present time, therefore the ruling party needs to up the game as failing to do so may result in having the game changed as KBF constantly puts it.

So we can simply say the game has now started.

Bakayapya abakwata fimanga!


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