In the recent past, we received news of calls for the secession of Western Province from Zambia.

The Nkoya Royal Council and Kazanga Cultural Association, on behalf of the Nkoya Royal Establishment, wish to disagree with the matter in the strongest possible terms on such calls by the people associated with the Barotse Royal Establishment.

It is with a lot of anguish and dismay that I note that The Barotse Royal Establishment still thinks that they have the authority and mandate to speak on behalf of a number of tribes in Western Province without any consultations. We hereby challenge the people associated with the Barotse Royal Establishment as to whose authority they have to proceed and issue such statements.

In this regard, we therefore stand in solidarity with The Republican President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, when he says there is no Barotse Land but a unitary country, Zambia, under the theme “One Zambia, One Nation”.

As an indigenous people, The Nkoya speaking people of Moomba Chiefdom, in Kazungula district, Chieftainess Kabulwebulwe of Mumbwa District, Chief Kangombe of Kabompo and Manyinga Districts, and other Chiefs of North Western Province and all the Nkoya Chiefs of Western Province, led by Chiefs Mwene Mutondo and Mwene Kahare, are not part of the Lozis and shall never agree with the issue of the cessation of Western Province from Zambia.

We hereby call for dialogue over this matter, and the government must be proactive by listening to other tribes of the Western Province, mainly the Nkoya and the Mbunda people, whose Chiefs need to be met by the government and the President.

We are equally concerned with setbacks on Traditional governance in attending to issues about the people of Western Province. It is a fact that all Government appointees from the province are of Lozi extraction, making a balanced opinion difficult.

We feel this will cause anarchy and lay the groundwork for the subjugation of Nkoyas by the Lozis, a situation that we shall not allow to happen.

Thank you, Signed
David Tamboka Mfunjo

Nkoya Royal Council
Mwiba D. Namenda
Chairman Kazanga Cultural Association


  1. The great and the good of Barotseland do not recognise the legitimacy of these objections and are not even ready to talk to the Nkoya traditional leadership. This is where it gets nasty and complicated. Potential for conflict in the future exists.

    • There’s a communication structure in BRE which is known by all chiefs including the Nkoya chiefs. Linyungandambo is not in that structure so I don’t see why there should be apprehension from these chiefs.

  2. Mfunjo and Damenda are speaking for their bellies. Having traversed Western province and worked under Local Authority in various Districts, one common theme in Western province is their common position over the Barosteland agreement by ordinary people regardless of tribe. Parting the Nkoyas, Mbundas , Lozis etc against each other and enticing them to issue contradicting remarks is simply repeating the same old tactics of divide and rule which have been tried in the past and have failed.
    Dialogue drenched in Sincerity and truth aimed at finding a long term solution is the only vehicle tht can resolve the matter. Barosteland is far way order than Zambia and the Agreement is parent that gave Birth to Zambia, you cnt win fighting your parents when they stand on a just cause. There is no competent court on Earth where anyone can win a matter over the Barosteland Agreement.
    All the best in the tactics being deployed, by those fighting the will of the Barotse, will shall see who shall have the final laugh in the end.

  3. Barotseland it shall stand, nkoya it just a tribe like other tribes of Barotseland of Western province. Otherwise the goal is to re-unity our land cos King Lubosi is a supreme king in all kingship of Zambia not even a president can over-rank.

  4. Barotseland is a creation of a few sell outs to the British whose goal was to divide and rule. The nkoyas. Mbubdas etc have never been subjects of the lozis and they were never consulted. So this barotse agreement was a colonial driven non-binding piece of paper. No wonder Kaunda ignored it and will never stand.

    • Northern Rhodesia a British Protectorate and Barotseland a British Protectorate in 1964 at independence from British control and rule they signed an agreement called Barotseland Agreement of 1964, which sealed the deal of forming ONE Country, and Dr Kaunda and the Litunga called it Zambia.
      Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland in their wisdom saw it necessary to come together.
      What ever Kaunda did to his partner after the signing is history.
      Subsequently, ignoring the vital role The Barotseland played in the formation of Zambia is like the way protestant churches, pentecostal churches, SDA and others church fail to appreciate and respect the Catholic Church for the role she played in the preservation of Christian faith, especially in the periods of crusades.
      Note that at independence Northern Rhodesia didn’t have enough resources to start running a new country but Barotseland had money gained from mineral loyalties. Hence, they needed each other.
      Currently, separation is not the solution but respect and some level of appreciation through development is paramount.
      Follow citizens, don’t be offended by the name Barotseland it is the root and origin of people of Western province including the Nkoyas and Mbudas.


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