Mutotwe Kafwaya

By Mutotwe Kafwaya



All of them are mistakes for which an apology may be warranted. I say so because Barotseland exists and it will continue to exist. Any suggestion to the contrary would be in error. It is an error to call the Archbishop as a Lucifer. It is an error to ride on Bally will fix it.

Those who feel that true affection for their land and their heritage are now giving up their appointments for what they expressly say was disrespect by the president to the Litunga, the Kuta and the people of Barotseland.

If I was that close to the president, I’d immediately request him to withdraw his remarks and tender his unreserved apology to the Litunga, the Kuta and the people of Barotseland.

But I’d also do the same, that is to ask him (the president) to tender a similar apology to the Cosmopolitan Archbishop Aleck Banda, the Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Church for the remarks of the UPND Secretary General against the Archbishop that he was the Lucifer of Zambia. In that apology, it would not hurt to include graceful words for the attacks that father Salangeta got from UPND members for just speaking for his flock on the lack of intoshi shabwali.

I’d end by requesting the president to apologize about the Bally will fix it promise. This is because two and half years later, maize meal is far from coming to 50Kwacha per 25Kg bag, Fuel is far from reaching 12Kwacha per liter and that generally the cost of living is far from reducing to affordable levels.

Apologizing to the people of Barotseland is some form of respect to them.

Apologizing to the Catholics is some form of respect to them.

Apologizing to the Zambian people is some form of respect them.

Apologizing to one or two of these stakeholders and leaving out the other/s is showing respect to whoever receives that apology and showing disrespect to whoever would be left out. And the treatment that the president chooses will be on the microscope.

We want a more peaceful and more just Zambia.



  1. No one is denying the existence of a region called Barotseland.

    It is it’s existence as A COUNTRY that is simply not supported by evidence.
    1.) There is no political leadership for Barotseland. The traditional leader there is a beneficiary of GRZ monthly salary, a sparkling GRZ Toyota Land Cruiser, and all other entitlements of a Zambian traditional leader.
    2.) So called Barotseland does not have a unique identifiable currency. They use Zambian kwacha.
    3.) So called Barotseland does not have a functional civil service to run the day to day affairs of Barotseland. It is the Zambian civil service that is operational in that region.

    So unless you are a documented imbecile, that part of the world is an integral part of the country called Zambia. So please stop misleading people just because of your desperation to have access to Zambian national coffers. Just get a life outside politics. The standards have been upgraded, the bar has been raised. We don’t take advise from failures.

    • 4. The Bishop is definitely a Lucifer , who dined with PF and even got the latest Landcruiser from the money that PF was abusing.

  2. This Barotse nonsense needs an extreme form of Gaza treatment!
    It should be treated as a non-issue since the parties to the nonsensical agreement are dead!
    If trouble makers continue making Barotse noise, we shall drum it in their bloody heads using the barrel of the gun!
    No part of Zambia is up for grabs!
    We can even degazette chiefdoms if they continue showing apartheid tendencies!
    We don’t have time for colonial puppets who disadvantaged the rest of Africa for selfish gain!
    There is NO COUNTRY called Barotseland, period!

    • The Gospel truth is that there is no country called Barotseland. The President must not be blackmailed by selfish traditionalists and a few desperate good for nothing political parties.

  3. Why are we even discussing something that borders on treason?
    It’s either we have a very weak leader or we have lost our collective mables as a country!
    You don’t negotiate with terrorists!

  4. You can not patronise us for your selfish political machinations. We the lozi people are above cheap politics on this issue. PF does not even close to our hearts. While we agree there is no country called Barotseland, the statement by the President sounded a mockery of who we are.

    • Please explain how a fact is a mockery?
      The President just stated a fact. Sadly the truth hurts. But its the truth. Live with it. Now you want to set the country because you are emotionally injured?
      Is that what the youth in the Province need? What do we or them and the rest of the people in the Province benefit from the continued emotional bursts by the leaders in the Province will these outbursts bring development? No!
      We need leaders that lead us, and not coddle us emotionally. What your leaders want is their egos to be stroked. Likes babies having a tantrum, and you have the likes of PF and Mmembe egging you on to continue throwing a tantrum. And you call yourselves adults? Bo Lungowe, dont be used by other people to settle political scores that dont exist. At 60years old you want a divorce and go where? You are Zambians period. Please lets stop this childishness and focus on real issues that affect our lives instead of egos that wont take us anywhere.

  5. We know ba Katotwe Kafwaya and your PF zealots are fuelling this Barotseland no sense. You are using the monies looted during your time to disterbulize the country.
    HH is just being sympathetic to this rubbish, this is treason period.
    All including Katotwe kafwaya must be rounded up and cagged.
    Government should not even waist time negotiating. Negotiating what? This is treason baba don’t even run away to Congo your country.

  6. I think people like kafwaya and the piefu chagwa L. Group are agents of the devil who are controlled by the demonis in them. Surely for a normal leader who served in the goverment of their reactive eccl for 7 years and a piefu member of micheal sata who promisdd or talked on the barotseland issue and have alot of people in the BRE arrested others are even still in prison just recently before they ( you ) were crushed and removed from government in August 2021 can pretend to be saints on the issue of barotseland. Surely with your dirty hands full of corruption and having stollen money which you are keeping in your hidden places, the money you borrowed, for infrastracture projectes and gave almost all contracts to the chinies on double the pruce, inflated prices which you benefited from and this is the money you are bosting of or with since you still have it trunks and crunches without shame but mocking an innocent person. Thus can only be tge acts of devil not a normal human being. But we are co.forted that at obe each one of us will die and give an account to God on we lived while on thid plannet.

    To tell you the truth kafwaya and your friends if really you are part of those who benefited crookedly from the debt and corruption money from you borrowed as gpiefu in govt, the LORD GOD will surely have you account for it after this life which is great up to 90 years then after that sorrows and trouble will follow because you will ve old and not very strong.

    If you want to divide the country by starting with western province (barotseland) North- Western slso will go bevause it will neither be in bartotseland nor Zambia, parts of copperbelt and central including lusaka and i dont know how you will deal with some parts of Angola, Namibia and CONGO DR which hear barotseland extends to.

    You left this country in big problems ( DEBT)
    1. For oil markerting more tban $850 milion which you didnt pay but consumed fuel on credit
    2. Euro bond – kaloba more than $ 7 billion
    3. Other credutors more than $7 billion and now your friends are paying all these debts and negotiating with creditord to clear the mad tou left, you can still talk rubbish – how evil are , are you normal or yiu dont know all tbese?


    • Geoffery stop the semanitics. The President was very clear, if you dont know or are not sure, check. Ever heard of YouTube? Google is also there to assist.
      Check in any Atlas if there is a country called Barosteland? Even Bechwanaland or Swaziland. There are territories or countries that may have had those names. But as of today. There is not country called Barosteland.

  7. Ba Mutotwe, whether Barotseland exists or not, it is outside the President’s statement. It’s only some people who are using political ears like you who got the President differently. Even after getting him differently and wrongly, the same people are now trying to blow up the President’s words out of proportion and context. The President simply said there is no country called Barotseland, and I don’t find anything insulting in this statement which is worth apologizing. The President has a mouth to speak for himself and what all those who misunderstood him should do is to ask him to meet the Litunga and ask him to explain what he meant when he said there is no country called Barotseland. The Litunga can also tell him how and where that country called Barotseland is. Then that’s when the President can apologize otherwise what we all know is that Zambia has been and is still a unitary state since 24th October, 1964 under our Motto of One Zambia, One Nation. If the Litunga and indeed the people of Western Province convince the President and the people Zambia that Barotseland is a country and not a Province, then we are ready to apologize and our apology will be very simple, forgive us we didn’t know. Equally the President will just say; forgive me, I didn’t know and it will end there. Otherwise there is no one insulting anyone here.

  8. The Gospel truth is that there is no country called Barotseland. The President must not be blackmailed by selfish traditionalists and a few desperate good for nothing political parties.


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