The Oldest Zambian Engineer Alive

On 30th April 2021

Engineer Bernard Chiwala during the Copperbelt University 29th Graduation Ceremony held at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium delivered the oration in which he chronicled Dr Simon Zukas life story and landmark career achievements.

Dr Simon Zukas was conferred with the Degree Of Doctor Philosophy in Engineering in recognition of his invaluable contributions towards the Zambia’s attainment Of Political independence. Engineer Dr Simon Zukas a Zambian citizen was born in Lithuania on 31st July in 1925.

He is three months away from celebrating his 96th birthday and arguably the oldest living Zambian Engineer. Engineer Zukas graduated as a Civil Engineer From Cape Town University in 1950.

In 1952 the colonial Masters deported Eng Zukas from Northern Rhodesia to London because of his impact and influence in the nationalist movement that was seeking political independence for the African people. He returned to Zambia in 1964 when Zambia 🇿🇲 attained independence from Britain.

He set up ZMCK Consulting Engineering Firm which became the pre-eminent Civil Engineering Firm. With his leadership ZMCK Designed And supervised the construction of many iconic structures including the National Assembly Building, State Lodge And part of the University Of Zambia. ZMCK was also active in many parts of Southern Africa including Lesotho, Swaziland And Namibia.

In 1990 Engineer Zukas in 1990 played a pivotal In Zambia’s return to Multi Party politics. He served as cabinet Minister in the MMD Government and resigned in 1996 in protest following the amendment of the Zambian constitution to bar Dr Kenneth Kaunda from standing as a candidate for President.

Engineer Dr Simon Zukas in His capacity as Chairperson Of the Council For Zambia Jewry facilitated the donation of US$1M towards the construction of the Michael Chilufya Sata School Of Medicine, a School Under the Copperbelt University.

In the video and picture above is Engineer Bernard chiwala delivering his Oration and pausing for a photo with Engineer Dr Simon Zukas. Engineer Dr Zukas is a Generational Thinker And has successfully passed on his commercial Agricultural Enterprise to the Third Generation.

Engineer Bernard Chiwala is a great admirer of Engineer Zukas’ Exploits And his willingness to serve the Public Sector with integrity of heart and skill. Eng Zukas politics seem to have always been anchored on Equality and Fair play.


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