Press statement for immediate release from Senior Chief Mukuni

18th April 2021.

The PF led campaign on alleged sickness of HH is sickening

I am deeply troubled by a sustained and vicious campaign by the PF and their surrogates to paint Hakainde Hichilema, a very healthy man, as a sick person, at a time when elections are drawing near. This is not a mere coincidence but a strategy and psychological preparation for the minds of Zambians to harm Hichilema, and then blame it on his purported sickness that doesn’t exist.

One of the rigging mechanisms Dictatorships use around the world is not only at the polling station, but by incapacitating their main political opponents into a sickness well before an election, and this is what the PF are trying to do to Hakainde Hichilema.

This sustained propaganda that HH is unwell is meant to prepare people’s mind as the PF plan to poison him during the any arrest and confinement and then say ‘we told you that he was sick’.

Well, I Senior Chief Mukuni will not take this lying down! Enough of this! Let all those preparing this evil act be well informed and stop it. Hichilema is a bonafide citizen of this nation and must not live a round-the-clock life of threats and intimidation by the PF government.

Hakainde Hichilema like any other Zambian is my subject and is born with certain inherent, natural and inalienable rights which includes life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness and this he will have whether the PF want it or not. Can’t they let the wheels of democracy turn freely?

How can it be normal that only one man on a daily routine attracts headlines in the Daily Nation of being the only opposition politician? How many opposition party leaders do we have in Zambia? The PF better prepare for real trouble should they carry out their evil intentions because the people will not accept this. Let them not say they were not warned. The must hear the drums of war beating.

Senior Chief Mukuni of Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba Districts and all the Bene Mukuni


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