The IG Speaketh
By Dickson Jere

The Inspector General of the police has given a media interview in which he makes the following two points in response to public outcry on the performance of the police vis-a-vis the rescue of abducted girls;

1. That the police had actually zeroed-in on the abductors and that house was in fact under police surveillance. He added that police was due to raid the house and rescue the girls either yesterday or today.

2. That the rescue of the girls by the neighbors was mere coincidence with what the police had already planned after thorough investigations.

My take is that he may be right and we can give him and his team the benefit of doubt. However, he Should have said all these things in his official statement of yesterday but missed the opportunity. Today’s interview with the Daily Revelations simply looks like an afterthought following the public backlash.

Since the rescue by Robby and his team was a mere “coincidence”, why not acknowledge it? Whether it was a coincidence or not, the youngman and his team played an heroic role in the rescue of the girls and deserves commendation by all.

It all boils down to public relations. Knowing when and how to say certain things.


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