Dr. Mwelwa’s Reflections

Title: “The Political Apology Chronicles: A Tale of Shifting Alliances”

In a stunning twist of events on that fateful day, Thursday, June 29th, 2023, the nation bore witness to an extraordinary display of apologies from two prominent politicians. Malembe Malembe, previously known as a diehard PF cadre, and the infamous Bowman Lusambo, renowned for his knack for insulting community houses, took center stage to express remorse for their past actions. The air was thick with anticipation as we delved into the theatrical world of political apologies.

Malembe Malembe, with tears streaming down his cheeks, wept inconsolably as he confessed to his allegiance to the PF party. Who would have thought that a cadre could shed tears? It was an emotional rollercoaster for all involved, as the nation collectively pondered the implications of such a revelation. Was it a genuine epiphany or a cleverly calculated move to maintain political relevance in the ever-changing tides of Zambian politics?

Meanwhile, the enigmatic Bowman Lusambo, known for his uncanny ability to despise or insult community houses, decided to join the apology parade, leaving the crowd baffled. His sudden reflection on his past actions left many scratching their heads, searching for hidden motives behind this unexpected act. Was it a genuine change of heart or a chess move on the political chessboard?

As political analysts tried to make sense of these apologies, they couldn’t help but notice the intricate web of alliances and shifting loyalties behind the scenes. Lusambo, once a devout MMD diehard, miraculously found himself in the inner circles of the Patriotic Front. The nation collectively pondered: How did he abandon his diehard dreams to find solace in the arms of the PF? Was he truly sensing danger for the ruling party’s political future, or was this calculated manoeuvering in preparation for a potential partnership with the ruling UPND?

Speculation ran rampant throughout the land. Could Lusambo be contemplating a surprising leap into the arms of the UPND government? Would he be the bridge between two political behemoths, a mastermind playing both sides for his personal gain? Only time will reveal the true intentions of this political chameleon.

With the scent of a potential political upheaval in the air, the nation remains on the edge of their seats. How long will Lusambo continue singing the PF songs, or will he soon find a new vehicle to ride into the hallowed halls of Parliament? Will Malembe Malembe’s tears become nothing more than a momentary spectacle, fading into the abyss of political melodrama?

In this never-ending saga of apologies and political somersaults, where alliances are forged and discarded like yesterday’s news, the Zambian political landscape remains as unpredictable and tempestuous as ever. So, dear readers, fasten your seatbelts and brace yourselves for the next spectacular act in this thrilling theater of politics. Only time will reveal the true meaning of these apologies and the fate of those who seek to remain relevant in the ever-shifting dance of power.


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