The bluntant truth is that our nation has been caught up in a chaotic tempest and needs urgent restoration by all patriotic Zambians across the Political divide. The Patriotic Front government of President Edgar Lungu is full of wicked, evil and selfish liars who have vowed to shade innocent blood ahead of the general elections next year.

The fear on Lungu’s face during the Presidential summit yesterday was apparent for all to see and explains the desperation to manipulate the outcome of 2021 general elections. Closely examining the pathological arrogance of Edgar Lungu and PF government along side these public institutions, like the Electoral Commission of Zambia, Zambia Police and the judiciary one would think these people are now above God’s authority.

I must confess today that following the arrogance being exhibited by this regime, I have been petitioning our God in heaven to do something for the people of Zambia whose rights and voices have been stifled and undermined. The collapsing of ECZ chief executive officer Patrick Shindano is one of the signs from the above. My genuine advise to my brother Shindano is that he needs to introspect before it is too late. Zambians are crying every single day due to the PF ANNOINTED government instigated injustices. Your critical position institution at ECZ should have been used as a devisive opportunity to build Zambia’s democracy by calling for a fair playing field ahead of the general elections.

They (PF), are fighting HH like the opposition fights the ruling party. They know very well that they are toothless and impotent, they can not produce.Nshindano was knocked down yesterday by the finger of God. “Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate”Psalm 34:21. The Bible is very categorical when it comes to those who side with injustice “ Who soever diggeth a pit shall fall there in and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.” Proverbs 26:27.

The Patriotic Front government and its surrogates will fall in the traps they have set for HH and the people of Zambia shall win through their misdemeanors.

The Bible goes to remind us about wicked leaders that; Be not deceived; God is not mocked: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” galatians 6 vs 7.

It is of no doubt that the PF Government under Edgar Lungu has sown evil towards individual citizens like HH, certain tribes and the people of Zambia at large and God can never be mocked, they shall reap a harvest of evil. Karma is more real and effective in Christian nations. The downfall of these oppressors will be terrible.

What happened to Nshindano is a big lesson to all of us to listen when humanity is crying. God puts us in these public and private institutions to protect the voiceless and not those few individuals who foolishly think they can even bribe God using their corruptly obtained moneys.

Since Lungu has vowed to fight the people of Zambia using these public institutions, God will stand up for his vulnerable innocent citizens. What Shindano, Chulu, Kampyongo, Kanganja, Charity, Lungu and all those in the Frontline of manipulating the elections next year should know is that God is watching them.

We are very much aware of all the hidden things these people are engaging in. Zambians have been killed by this PF government proudly sponsored by the humble Lungu and they want to kill more after manipulating the elections next year. God will always stand up for his children against monsters.

Sikaile C. Sikaile

Good Governance and Human rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International


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