Anderson Mazoka with wife, Mutinta. She shares the same name with her daughter

Kindly share this on your page….the adopted candidate is a brother in-law to Garry Nkombo and people are not happy as a result this might affect the presidential result. Pemba is my home town bankashi


The 2016 Pemba Constituency adoption case can never be ignored by well meaning members of the UPND in this year’s adoption process.

In 2016 having won primary elections for the parliamentary adoption, I was requested by the party through Hon Sejani as elections chairperson in the company of Hon Garry Nkombo and Hon Douglas Syakalima to pave way for Mrs Mazoka, the then incumbent whom I genuinely defeated through out all the layers of adoption.

In addition to the request to pave way for her, I was requested to help the parliamentary candidate with campaigns. I obliged and became the party campaign manager in Pemba Constituency.
We hit the ground running from day one, the first meeting until the last day and last meeting.
The result was all the 10 local government seats, a chairperson , MP and raising the presidential vote by more than 100% from the previous presidential election which took place in the 2015 bye- election .
From being PEMBA constituency 2016 campaign manager I have to date done all I can for party mobilisation, during by-elections and vote building through helping people to acquire NRCs. *I have remained loyal*.

*Prior to the 2016 primary elections, I had a face to face chat with Bally where he complained that it was difficult to convince aspiring candidates to be patient in an event of not being adopted during the selection process*.
*I promised Bally that I would sacrifice my adoption if I had a chance to contest an election and win at the expense of him winning the Presidency*
*As though it was prophecy,that situation presented itself as above*

In April 2021, Chairman elections, Hon Nkombo, addressed all the Southern province aspiring candidates ( parliamentary, mayoral/council chairpersons, councilors) gathered in Chisekese. During his address he had me stand up and used me as an example of someone who accepted to wait for *”next time*” despite genuinely deserving at that time.

*Luckily, now in 2021, Hon Nkombo is the chairperson for elections and Hon Mrs Mazoka is not recontesting her seat. Your guess is as good as mine morally in as far as adopting a parliamentary candidate for Pemba would be concerned*.

Yesterday, the parliamentary candidate for Pemba was announced and it is not me despite putting a spirited fight this time to get adopted, *expectant that my party leadership will reciprocate my 2016 gesture*

I have never received any communication from anyone in the leadership as to why I have not been considered.

This scenario has left me with so many questions;
*Why the next time was not meant to be 2021 when the person I paved way for was not recontesting*

*Is this the price I should pay for being loyal to the party?*
*Should I now be regretting having obliged to the party directives in 2016?*
*Should I have contested as an independent in 2016 as demanded by general populace in Pemba?*
*When are loyal members in this regard going to be rewarded?*

*Is it morally right and justifiable for the party to ignore people who have sacrificed their adoptions in this manner?*
*Am I an alien in my own party?*
*At the time of considering Pemba adoptions, did the entire leadership,up to the President, forget about the 2016 case?*

*With the huge general following that I still enjoy, will I manage to resist the push to run as an independent?* Consequence of which is affecting the presidential vote.

I am still puzzled by the decision of the party on Pemba constituency. I don’t know if I will be viewed as a bad member if I reconsider my association with the party.
*The price of loyalty in UPND*


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