“THE PRINTOUT FROM REGISTRAR OF SOCIETIES IS AUTHENTIC”- PF Chairperson for Legal Affairs Hon George Chisanga

Patriotic Front Chairman Legal Hon George Chisanga


….it’s absurd for Hon. Mwimbu to insinuate otherwise..

Lusaka… Tuesday, November 14, 2023 (SMART EAGLES)

PF Chairperson for Legal Affairs Hon George Chisanga says its ridiculous for Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwimbu to suggest that the printout of the office bearers of the PF is fake.

The Lukasha lawmaker wondered how Mwimbu could quetion the validity of the printout when it was done from a secure government platform.

“We have noted that the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Hon Jack Mwiimbu has also issued a statement in which he has questioned the subpoena that was issued by Judge Katenekwa as well as the printout from the Registrar of Societies. We are deeply concerned as PF because firstly, these statements from Sampa and Mwiimbu are orchestrated schemes to ensure that people don’t know the truth of our documentation at the Registrar of Societies. We know for sure that for the past one month, they have been trying to change the particulars at the Registrar of Societies,” he said.

“When the young lady complied with the court order, they have removed her from her position. She tried to comply with the provisions of the law, but she is humiliated for doing the correct thing. We know there have been schemes between Parliament and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security to put her under so much pressure to change the office bearers.”

Hon Chisanga said the Registrar has done nothing wrong to warrant that treatment, saying she will be walking with her head high because she is professional.

“This is a woman who is supposed to receive support from all women in this country. The NGOCC, if they mean well for women in the country, they should not have wasted time to visit Nelly Mutti but should have stood strong with the Chief Registrar of Societies who has shown that she is principled,” he added.

“The Speaker has been abrogating the law from the beginning by accepting what Mr Ng’ona wrote to her. She breached all the guidelines of the Common Wealth Parliamentary Association, which tells you how you should monitor and regulate Parliament. Hon Jack Mwiimbu, being a lawyer, knows the effects of the subpoena because you can’t get it if you don’t swear before a judge.”

He charged that the UPND are ready to abrogate the law and constitution in a bid to destroy the PF, saying the intention of the UPND is to steal the former ruling party.

“We call on Zambians to stand up because this is not about PF but democracy. It is not a secret that Miles Sampa’s convention was sponsored by UPND. PF is a movement and has a heart. You can arrest us and do whatever you want to do, but people will still speak positively about us,” he indicated.

He also said that in the next couple of days, the nation will witness the arresting of other opposition party leaders by the new dawn administration


  1. This is correct in as far as the law of evidence from public records is concerned. So the print-out is considered authentic until the contrary is established in court. The person who generated the print-out will be expected to appear in court and face cross-examination on the document.

    • That will be established in court during cross-examination. Don’t worry about the anomalies now because there’s nothing you can do about them.

  2. What is authentic about the document that does not speak truth? What kind of dull lawyers has this country produced? Just one lie in a document makes it inauthentic. STUPID IDIOTS.


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