Lubinda Habazoka

The Economic Association of Zambia president Dr. Lubinda Habazoka says the proposed 24 hours economy enshrined in the 2021/ 2026 PF Manifesto is very important and it will create jobs for Zambians.

Speaking when he featured on the PF Interactive Forum in Lusaka, Dr. Habaazoka said national development is what the country need for it to survive.

Dr. Habaazoka said running a 24 hours economy is what is required to stir economic growth.

He said in a country where the resources are scarce, introducing shifts among workers is a good idea saying this will help the country continue making wealth round the clock.

He said restricting working hours to a particular time is tantamount to limiting the economic activities in the country.

” Converting an economy to a 24 hours economy, will create jobs for citizens and it will enable those who have the capacity to work at night to do so,” he said.

Meanwhile Dr. Habaazoka has welcomed the latest Fitch rating because it shows the positive economic outlook of the country.

Dr. Habaazoka said one of the conditions used for rating was the stability of the local kwacha.

He said Zambia did not default its debt liability and this provided confidence among the creditors.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front media director Sunday Chanda has condemned the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) for questioning why the Patriotic Frong (PF) has launched another manifesto for the period 2021-2026.

Mr Chanda has described FODEP’S position as undemocratic adding that it is a well known fact that every political party has to renew their social contract with the Zambian people.

“We find the reasoning very erratic and worrying for an organization meant to champion democratic processes and tendencies in this country” he said and emphasized that every political party should have a manifesto as they go into an election.

He has since invited FODEP to track the promises PF made in every sector and mark it based on the successes which have been achieved so far.

Mr Chanda who has described the manifesto as homegrown said it is worrying and strange for FODEP to question why a manifesto should be launched when they know its importance.

As he acknowledged that the PF’s 2016-2021 has had setbacks and challenges, Mr Chanda, therefore, challenged FODEP and other stakeholders to have a ‘sense of responsibility and be objective in their criticism and give credit were it is due.

“Where we stand, ours is a balanced scorecard, we can go to the Zambian people and say this we promised and this we failed to deliver.We will be courageous enough, magnanimous enough to acknowledge our shortcomings” he said.

He said the PF has done very well in many sectors based on the manifesto but has unfortunately not been appreciated or acknowledged.

“Mr. Chanda cited the recent upgrade of Zambia by FITCH as not having received any commendation or even appreciation from stakeholders like FODEP, other civil society organizations, and even from the UPND.

He however recalled that when Zambia was downgraded, the same stakeholders who said a lot even against the economy and President Edgar Lungu are quiet now and want to pretend that there has not been an upgrade.


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