The Return of ECL Chapter One


The Return of ECL Chapter One

By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

There is alot that has been said about the return of ECL to active politics, most of it from a every ill informed position whether supporting him or not.

Firstly I would like to mention that I blame UPND for their methodical approach that has caused all this. Two years go ECL was not a factor, he was not even wanted by his own party. But that’s topic for another day.

We start this evening lightly with some correction or notions that have been going round social media.

-Losing his financial benefits will make him suffer; He has lost all the financial benefits of a former head of State, which seems to be cause for celebration. Ladies and Gentlemen thats of no consiquence to a former of Head of State. It’s only poor people and those not exposed to State House that think he can fail to pay for his transport, House and Security. If you follow my writings, three weeks ago I mentioned that “someone” had already offered to cover his benefits if he returned to active politics. Its most impossible to be poor as a former head of state, yes challenges will be there but it won’t be for such things like a house or transport.

  • Grabbing his diplomatic passport will stifle his movements; Maybe getting his diplomatic passport may carry some weight in the western world but not in Africa or the Eastern block, his face and name is a diplomatic passport by itself. You will probably be just humbled at KK international airport.
  • He is not a factor; Well, the biggest name in Zambia is always the current head of state and the second biggest name is that of the former head of state. He is a big factor whether we like him or not. In fact his name is bigger than most political parties in Zambia. How can someone who won two elections and lost the last by getting over 1.8 million votes not be a factor? Which other opposition leader has ever managed that? I may not agree with him on a number of issues but it would be foolish for me not to think he is not a factor.
  • Just in addition, he will bring alot of local and international businessmen that the UPND have side lined to PF; Same with civil servants and provinces . This is were he will be very dangerous. Already almost all opposition political parties have welcomed his return is not by accident.
  • I also want to correct the notion that he will lose in 2026. He has not said he is standing, thats why most opposition leaders in PF and outside have welcomed this move. They see him as a big help to their political aspirations and removing UPND. This is very key to why we are seeing Kambwili, Mundubile, Fred etc are siding with him for now. He further complicated things for smaller political parties by trying grab the public attention and controlling the nation agenda.

In conclusion, I don’t think ECL has the intellectual team to unite the opposition for a sustainable time, not even his own party if it is “returned” to him. The only thing that can help him is the poorly thought out, emotional and tunnel vision actions by UPND, like we have seen so far.


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