The rivalry between PF and UPND was very big but not even PF could block UPND candidates to contest- Dr Lubinda Haabazoka

Lubinda Haabazoka

Democracy in Zambia

By Dr Lubinda Haabazoka

I have been a bit busy this week and just realised there were some by elections this week in some wards.

I am very worried that as a country we are doing away with multiparty democracy. Besides the ruling party, only SP contested some areas while I read that their candidates were disqualified in some areas.

I don’t think it’s healthy to go into elections without opponents. In 1990 when the country rose and chose multiparty, a foundation was created to ensure that whether one liked it or not, they had no choice to choose whom to contest against.

The rivalry between PF and UPND was very big but not even PF could block UPND candidates to contest. Such is democracy!

Unfortunately what I have seen is that the former ruling party has literally been hijacked and stoped from contesting. When a new alternative is about to be created, it’s being blocked from all angles! At the end of the day, we shall end up with UPPZ as the ruling party if we blocked other major parties from contesting. That’s how people react. People react to injustice and might end up giving you a parliament of independents in 2026 if we fail to allow healthy political competition.

Just like in global politics, I always wish for a strong USA, China and Russia. That balances up global power such that no one takes advantage of the other. That’s what we also need in Zambian politics.

No need of attacking me on this wonderful sabbath morning because what am saying is the truth and nothing but the truth! Give back the party to it rightful owners and also allow others to form whatever they want! This is what is called democracy! We can’t curtail people’s freedoms. Let the people decide whom they want peacefully!

The best way to maintain power for the ruling party is to meet the expectations of the electorate. The opposition also has the duty to provide alternative ways of achieving things. That’s how a country develops! By having divergent views!

We should not forget our role of guiding those in government. It’s our civic duty!

Have a nice weekend


  1. You want to listen to a man who has a PhD in Economics yet wants to scrap PAYE? How will you finance government programs when the tax base is already very low?
    This chap is an embarassment to his craft and the Economics Association of Zambia should has such quacks removed as members from their professional body.

    • What do you expect from a Russian trained economist
      Actually by him saying he shouldn’t be attacked he knows that he is talking thrush
      He is saying there is no multiparty but there were more than three parties which participated

  2. I wish to agree with Doc, we need healthy politics in this our beautiful country. We choose democracy and let us allow the principles of democracy to prevail. The former ruling party had its serious flows and we needed to teach them the best way to do politics. Not an eye for an eye. This country needs healing for the seek of our children’s children.

  3. Dr. Don’t talk in parables, you have an interest in the subject you are talking about.
    Much as you may seam to generalise, your favourites have performed very badly.
    Democracy is democracy, but government has a duty to correct and ensure issues coming up are for the good of the country.
    Are you saying EPPP is not an opposition party.


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