By Simon Mwewa Lane


Let’s be clear…that marriage is over. Tsega is not coming back to live in Tayali’s contemptuous and irresponsible rent-free-house.

According to a reputable Ethopian family living here in Zambia, Tayali was told not to visit Tsega and her family any more. Tsega’s parents feel that their daughter is not safe in Zambia with Tayali…and that he would place her and Kiya in harm’s way because of his deceptive and controversial lifestyle.

Tayali has deceitfully used the current war in Ethiopia to hide the fact that he has been barred from seeing Tsega and Kiya. The truth is…Tsega’s family don’t want their daughter to come back to Zambia with Tayali.

Asked why Tsega hasn’t posted such information on her own Facebook page….the Ethiopia family living here in Zambia said, “Tsega is not the type of girl that would come out and devulge or disclose everything that has gone wrong in that marriage”

But in the meantime, Tayali acts as if everything is fine when in actuality…his Facebook marriage has fallen apart and he’s trying to convince his followers that all is well. How does a man fly to Ethiopia and within less than 36hrs he comes back ati, “no I went to breath the same air as my wife”

Some of you may ask…”Mwewa, why are you posting this information?” Well, the answer is very simple…I’m posting this because Tayali is the one that posts every nook and cranny of his psuedo-marriage on Facebook and I’m simply providing the checks and balances.

This will be Tayali’s second failed Marriage and it collapsed in less than 2 years.

His dilemma is quite complex. His two wives [don’t forget, he’s still legally married to his first wife ] are both foreign women…is it a wonder that he’s never married a Zambian woman? It’s not a wonder because no Zambian woman with 5 senses can tolerate such an irresponsible chap.

The best he can do is continue seeing his young UNZA girl friend and the only reason she’s with him is because she thinks he’s rich…aza dabwa [ she’ll be shocked ]

Kosa Tayali. I haven’t even begun my crusade to show our people just how dangerous and incendiary you really are.




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