The truth is UPND as a party is no longer popular


UPND Has Loopholes:

‘If others say UPND has stopped being popular’

Those attacking Chellah Tukuta Photography are not intelligent. Chellah says UPND has stopped being popular, but some people are arguing and insulting him without analysing his statement. Listen people, even if you think someone is being unreasonable at least learn to force yourself to pick issues from what you deem as tissues. Not everything Chellah Tukuta says should be tissues to you. There is need to acknowledge the fact that there are real issues in what the man says. Call him bitter if you want, but learn to reason also.

The truth is UPND as a party is no longer popular, it is evidenced from lamentations heard in grassroots’ voices or minds as and whenever they speak in their WhatsApp platforms, Facebook or in meetings. Note that by ‘grassroots’ we mean the actual UPND party members or cadres not the Alliance which is half present and partly unavailable at the same time.

If the Alliance is present, then it is a conduit for opposition to have secrets or confidential information in several ways than can be mentioned in this writeup; if it is not there, it is the very fact that those appointed from the Alliance are working for themselves not to help the UPND as a party and they care less about Zambians.

To simply everything, let us put it in this way, UPND grassroots hardly have access to leaders because most of these appointed leaders have opened doors to their people in parties where they came from. For example, MDC has members with prominent positions in government under the UPND Alliance but to whom do they give loyalty to?

Those who are intelligent know that even Thabo Kawana for example embraces PF leaders more than UPND leaders. It is just a matter of one simple call for Bowman Lusambo to meet Thabo Kawana privately or publicly, but it is practically impossible for a UPND Ward chairman, Publicity Secretary etc to see him because not even a text can have a reply. But the question is, who is Bowman Lusambo to UPND Alliance as compared to Ward Chairman and Publicity Secretary etc?

It is a well known fact that MDC President, Media Director and a lot of them are PF if not MMD too. The likes of MDC President Felix Mutati and Media Director Dr Kafula Mubanga bounced back and forth between PF and MMD after frustrations before joining UPND Alliance, but it is obvious that their loyalty is not with the UPND as a party but to their own political party and their people they joined the Alliance with. More so, PF syndrome never dies in people, the aforementioned leaders have PF DNA and their moral fibre is simply PF not UPND. Look at KBF, Chishimba Kambwili, Mwenya Musenge etc, they have PF DNA, no matter what they do, they fail to be Anti-PF, but imagine if Chishimba Kambwili, Mwenya Musenge and Kelvin Fube Bwalya – KBF were still in the Alliance. Where would their loyalty have been? Anyway, that is a discussion for another day.

Hate it or love it, UPND as a party needs to win people’s love, otherwise things are not as good as some leaders or bloggers tell people to see what they see.

Chellah Tukuta is an eye opener to intelligent people. Let the bitter people hold on to subjectivity and let those who are intelligent embrace objectivity.

Apparently UPND has ‘Opportunists’ not ‘Loyalists’.

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  1. Uuli na matwi omfwe but majority of cadres don’t reason and reflect on why other Zambians raise issues .They will support a leader who wants to give them everything including land at the expensebof other Zambians and they feel this good !!!!Supporting this line of action is saying yeah to tribalism and regionalism because they are the same thing per se…Horrible indeed.Unprogressive ideology…and belief .From Berlin

    • Indigo Tryol you are just a disgruntled PF criminal. Conmen are your fellow PF criminals. Always posting PF stinking sh*t against New Dawn government.

      • Iwe chi Grinch Bob even at Christmas you are busy throwing punches. Useless conman lover iwe. Go buy vimbombo to feed your children mailo for Christmas.

  2. Ba tukuta who told you that , the UPND party is not popular? According to the state of affairs in Zambia no opposition political party can remove the current government from power, take it or leave it at your on peril . Continue dreaming because dreaming is free of charge bwana.

    • It is true that there is currently no opposition in Zambia, thanks to Hakainde killing them one by one.

      But that does not mean UPND is popular. Majority of voters are certainly neither UPND or PF.

      • Hard reality gentlemen, do we all follow what is happening especially in rural constituencies where cdf is changing lives? We may not like upnd, but this upnd strategy of CDF is building a solid support foundation countrywide. Tukuta can talk what he talks, but to say upnd is losing popularity is imaginary. We now hear of the Kola agenda, and Umodzi Kumawa. If they mean to turn their pipo away from the UPND, they are as good as trying to make a Camel pass thru the eye of a needle.

      • Wait for 2026 bwana you will for the first experience the best turn out in the history of this country, but what will shock you more is that UPND will win with 80% not 50+1

          • Most of the people in my circles who used to sing UPND are no longer doing that, just today two of those were at my house listining to the recorded end of year conference with me and kept panctuating the conference with “lier”. I did not want to be involved so l continued being attentive, these were people who would shout at you if you mentioned OF then, so sometimes when people talk, listen, it is only then that you can come up with solutions

  3. Its true upnd is no longer as popular as it was in 2021 but still there is no one else at the moment that can be an alternative that’s why we just have to make do with what we have.


    • That what’s up. But a lot of people only come here get some therapy cos of their depression…or the were just born a day late on first April.

  5. Did Mr. Tukuta carry out a survey? What is the basis of his conclusion? How did he gather his evedence?

    If he did not do a scientific assessment, then he is probably just listening to his voice.

  6. Chella has no right to speak. If anything he embarasses his family.
    The man was given an opportunity to open doors and represent the youth. When given the chance in the highest office in the land, he chose to misbehave and embarass himself. He, unlike most was given another opportunity to be a diplomat…an ambasasdor in his own small way. His lack of restraint further embarassed his appointees. Why would we now listen to a failure?
    This sense of entitlement is worn and tired. There is no credibilty in this man, if anything he is an embarassment to his peers the Zambian youths. Please cease to give people that dont offer any positive advice or anything we should look up to. He is a misfit with no morals.

  7. I’m one of the complaints. power perforates people’s eyes, but results come with reflection and regrets. The grassroot is dead, the communities are neglected no one is talking good about the upnd, it wasn’t the way it was in 2020- 2021. So chellah is right and don’t take his words as a criticism he is an eye opener,he has observed just like some of us. But if you think he is wrong wait results will come twaleka

  8. I’m one of the complainants. power perforates people’s eyes, but results come with reflection and regrets. The grassroot is dead, the communities are neglected no one is talking good about the upnd, it wasn’t the way it was in 2020- 2021. So chellah is right and don’t take his words as a criticism he is an eye opener,he has observed just like some of us. But if you think he is wrong wait results will come twaleka

  9. Those alligator teeth of Chellah have gone to his head and giving him hallucinations. Here is a very foolish adult behaving like a mad man just because his camera.
    The idyot has been harassing young Zambian women and musicians like he owns the country, using his Govt appointments.
    That was too much and this nuisance had to be stopped surely. He’s too big headed. We all campaigned for HH, he is not the only one! What has Cornelius Mulenga Tukuta got more than everyone else? There are so many cameramen around; no shortage of that skill.
    That chap is a pig without conscious so talking to or about him is sheer waste of time!


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