THE WEST IS AN ENEMY- Jonas Shakafuswa

Jonas Shakafuswa

By Jonas Shakafuswa


For the Western Countries to to think they can still influence global opinion is a pipeline dream.

They championed religion, colonialism, imperialism and other evils on human society. They created human conflicts which are still alive today.

Today only foolish African Leaders can embrace Western ideas of their so called Democracy.

Look at the world today. It is the Western greed which has perpetually made the Palestinian less human, based on false religious teachings that the Israelites are the only chosen race by God.

The God we know created Man in his own image. Not the image of the Jews. Every human kind is God’s children.

The Arab world is on fire because of Western ideological insanity. The French continued colonialisation of most West African Countries can’t be tolerated in this age and era.

It is like there are no Leaders in Western Africa who think with their heads. They have allowed France to steal their wealth in broad daylight.

For the West, the Cold War should never come to an end. Yes we are inclined to Eastern ideology which promote family and human values.

We might not agree with the dictatorial and atrocious behavior of Russia, but appreciate their emphasis on family values.

The Champion today is undeniably China.The East will not force you to abandon human values in preference to sick unnatural values like LGBT.

This will never have roots in Zambia. Even wild animals refrain from such acts. They are unnatural.

The West want us to behave worse than dogs. The US is better keeping their sick agenda to themselves. We are not poor. We just have poor leadership in Africa who glorify the western thieving way of life.

Leadership who want to be Western Capitalst by embracing western Capitalism way of life. The West does not have the resources we possess.

They depend on our resources. We can also deny them our resources in preference to trade with Countries who respect our values. They are busy depleting our resources without the benefit of our nationals.

We remain poor because our leaders are abetting this open theft of resources for kick backs. Why should we be poor in the land of plenty? Shame on Poor leadership.


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