Fred M’membe


There is no age group in this country today that is as united and strong as the young people in expressing their frustration and discontent with Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership.

While other voters across the political spectrum are equally concerned about the current state of affairs, the young people are increasingly frustrated and worried, and are turning to various social media platforms to vent their disappointment, displeasure and outrage at the current socioeconomic and political climate.

With the Kwacha in free fall, the rising cost of living, high unemployment, grand corruption, ethnic bigotry, political tensions, unfilled campaign promises and many more, it is clear that the young people are getting convinced each day that passes that Mr Hichilema and his corrupt puppet regime do not possess both the imagination and will power to change this country and its people.

The clarity and conviction from the young people that Mr Hichilema will not change anything is actually very scary for this government.

In fact, the growing numbers of frustrated, hungry and angry young people are a clear warning to Mr Hichilema and his league, as they struggle to cope with the growing economic crisis in the country that, not all is well for them.

Our young people already feel disengaged, forgotten, and deflated by the current leadership’s inability to find common ground in dealing directly with the problems facing them. They feel isolated and frustrated with the daily challenges of their lives.

They were promised sweeping reforms and improved lives, but none of this has materialised to date.

Consequently, there is a serious realisation among the young people that they were deceived, and there is definitely no innovative approach to the problems they face. They also don’t see how this leadership can be trusted and respected in view of their deceptive behaviour and lack of accountability for their actions.

Today, the young people have been left out to dry, and they are yearning for decent, honest, and patriotic leadership and not Mr Hichilema’s “wishy-washy” puppet leadership.

However, we would like to assure the young people of this country that we are aware of their problems, frustrations, concerns and fears about their future and we would like to encourage them not to lose hope.

We urge them to continue with their hard work, commitment, and patriotism as we match together towards a more just, equal, peaceful, and prosperous future.

It is clear that Mr Hichilema is out of touch with the people of all age brackets, especially the younger generation. He doesn’t have the required patriotism, vision, and dynamism to steer this country forward.

One bad term, doesn’t deserve another, aleya!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Is it just me or all of Mr. Mmembe’s writings are just full of lamentations and no shred of anything that resembles a solution to the problems he always complain about. He should ask himself why people should vote for him (if at all they were to vote for him). People will not vote for Mr. Mmembe or anyone else if they can’t see anything changing after, it will be better the status quo is maintained if there’s no better alternative and so far there is no better alternative.

  2. My elder brother ba M’membe please leave our children out of the politics of jealousy. Let them concentrate on school.
    Their young and fragile minds will be polarized and intoxicated with finding faults in leaders instead of working hard at school and become solution providers. If everyone including children starts politicking we will create more Chilufya Tayalis and Maxwell Choongos not Darlington Chilubas and Mizinga Melus. Please stop it please.


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