The Zambezi Luvale’s Ndungu chieftaincy succession wrangles are clearly state sponsored- Fred M’membe



Chieftaincy or traditional leadership succession should be a matter of ethnic tradition and customs. However, the Zambezi Luvale’s Ndungu chieftaincy succession wrangles are clearly state sponsored.

Firstly, the wife of this government’s Minister of Defence is central in the wrangle. A close scrutiny of the wrangle reveals that only she and her direct siblings are fighting a popularly selected and traditionally installed chief Ndungu.

She is born from a patrilineal side of the Ndungu royals, and yet Luvale tradition and culture are matrilineal in succession. She, as chiefteness Kucheka, was not traditionally installed but secured her succession using state machinery – police and soldiers.

Furthermore, her father was not the only person to have ascended to the Ndungu throne. Why have the children of the other lineages that ascended to the Ndungu throne kept aside? Who sent police and soldiers at the installation of chieftainess Kucheka? Which Luvale chief in Zambia installed her? How has she found herself fast tracked onto the government payroll while the traditionally installed chief Ndungu has not yet been? How are chiefs from Angola being facilitated to cross into the Zambian chieftaincy wrangle created by the Minister’s wife? What is the interest of the state in all this?

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. If the Government is quiet, who are you to poke your nose in the issue that you don’t know and which doesn’t concern you? Few weeks ago, it was Baritseland and now you want to impose yourself on Luvaleland, what’s wrong with you? If you know the one sponsoring the wrangles, you either tell him to stop or report him wherever you feel something will be done to him. Otherwise we are tired and fed up of your noise. Noise making and attacking HH and UPND is now your daily bread.

  2. After failing to frustrating Eagle One from attending the Kuomboka, he has to come up with another mischievous allegation to continue painting Eagle One black!
    No malice fashioned against our dear beloved Chembela will prosper!
    Can someone from Zambezi report Pumpkin head Gumu Gumu Mumembe Fuledi to the nearest police there so that we bundle him and take him to Zambezi to substantiate his wild allegations!

  3. You want to be a traditional leader Fred?Try to identify your routes and apply for that leadership.You and your mediocre politics.I really sympathize with you.A few weeks ago you promised to promote chiefs to position of Provincial Minister without looking at constitutional prescription.Later you went to Western Province and told the Ngambela that you will change the name of Western Province to Barotseland,again without checking history.Dr Kaunda held a press conference in 1969 in August and gave three reasons why he decided to change the name.Read the book,”STATE OF THE NATION” written by Dr Kaunda you may learn something.


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