There are too many dull people in UPND- Nawakwi


There are too many dull people in UPND, says Nawakwi

By Fanny Kalonda(The Mast)

THERE are too many dull people in UPND, says FDD president Edith Nawakwi.
During the United Kwacha Alliance virtual rally on Saturday, Nawakwi said God will not come down to earth to tell Zambians that President Hakainde Hichilema doesn’t mean well.

“[Delta Mining Limited] is registered as a mortgage on Mopani. So what nonsense is this. We sold seven million shares at a value of $620 million. Bukopo (it’s dullness)! UPND ifikopo fyalifulishamo bafumweni (There are too many dull people). Nibakabwalala, baleiba (they are thieves who are stealing) with their feet, with their teeth, with their hair,” Nawakwi said. “There are too many dull people in UPND because if they were smart, they should know that we could have used these assets to go into the market, borrow money and put in Mopani. Bukabwalala nobufi, if you combine these two things, theft and lying, you are gone. You cannot be this ruthless to steal from the people you govern.”

Nawakwi said God won’t come to tell people
that “this man doesn’t mean any good for Zambia except himself”.
“You cannot be this ruthless nangu ulefwayafye ukuba (even if you want to be a) billionaire. Stealing from your own people who have put you in office!” said Nawakwi.

“The police service doesn’t even have the police intelligence. But that’s how useless they are. That’s how useless they are.”


  1. Nawakwi, it’s you who is dull; ” amano yubu hule Yeka yeka” !!. Your mouth stinks each time you open it! One wonders how your husbands managed you with this lunatic behavior.

  2. Nawakwi is a finished politician who has lost all her integrity. She is talking of dull people in UPND and yet in her FDD, even dull people are not there. She runs her party alone, I don’t know if she still has anyone in FDD, it’s just as good as Muliokela’s PPP which no longer exists. UPND can have dull people but certainly not as dull as she is, and because of her dullness, all her strategies to sabotage HH are failing. The one she said will never be the president is the president and herself is now the president who will never be.

  3. The intelligent ones failed to open the same copper mines they preferred to close it and steal money from the same mines.Who is good a dull personal or a thief who closed mines? Mr kalengo on sex this woman is good no wonder she used to grab husbands , she can not control feeling too much suko and kubber.

  4. People who are really dull don’t win elections … Kikikiki
    If someone thinks bitterness and hate speech will win them political mileage, they can remain in opposition forever!
    Can a person have so much high grade hatred in their heart and escape high blood pressure?
    You become what thoughts you choose. Happiness, love and gratitude will give you a healthy mind, body and soul.
    Hatred, malice and bitterness will equally give you a sick mind, body and soul!
    Ba youth, take care the type of politicians you entertain!
    They may just infect you with hatred, malice and bitterness!

  5. But why’s Edith Nawakwi working with people who created the KCM so-called liquidation and Milingo Lungu mess?


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