There Is Hardly Smoke Without Fire: ‘Political figures to clear corruption allegations’


There Is Hardly Smoke Without Fire:

‘Political figures to clear corruption allegations’

In politics it always important to clear corruption allegations. Those being accussed of corruption must not play deaf ear. Let them come out and clear allegations leveled against them. Not long ago Stanley Kasongo Kakubo was accussed of corruptly receiving money from the Chinese but the President responded for him, sadly it turned out that those were not just allegations that is Kakubo has resigned.

Gilbert Liswaniso must not shy away from cleaning the air concerning corruption allegations or living a lifestyle that is beyond 3 years of UPND being in power.

Barbrah Musamba Chama media has been disclosing very important information on corruption that needs response and clearing of the air.

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  1. May I also contribute. If babra has any information, the right thing for her to do is as advised erlier, to go to Dec and ACC and give details. There may be no smoke without fire but do the right thing.

    • These are just theatrics bwana. This woman has other motives and there is malicious intent.

      The man responded to her. And if anything he dared her. But she continues to say or add details here. To what end? If she has serious information and allegations as you have said DEC and ACC.
      If she continues and UPND executive committee or SG isnt not acting, then they are encouraging her. But from the public statements coming out of the SG’s office on other issues. That office leave much to be desired. And I will end here.


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