Panji Kaunda

By Patson Chilemba

There is infighting in PF because we have a weak leader who has allowed indiscipline to take root in the party, says ruling PF member Colonel Panji Kaunda.

And Colonel Panji has condemned the tribal statements emanating from ruling PF leaders and their cadres.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the infighting in the ruling PF, something which several ministers and party leaders have publicly complained about, Col Panji said President Lungu has over the years lost control of the party by failing to be assertive against wrong doing. He said President Lungu had failed to sanction discipline in the party, and therefore party members had taken advantage of that laxity.

“If we have a weak President such is bound to happen. With the way things are going they are bound to fight physically at the conference. Look for instance at Jean Kapata, he has thrown her to the wolves,” Col Panji said.

Col Panji said this was the more reason why ministers like Christopher Yaluma and Professor Nkandu Luo, and party leaders like Paul Moonga were able to freely talk about tribalism, without any accompanying punishment because the President had lost the plot.

Yaluma and Prof Luo have fomented tribal remarks in the recent past, with the latest one coming from Lusaka Province PF chairperson Moonga saying that the presidential running mate for PF in 2021 should come from Luapula, Notthern and Muchinga provinces, as these have been the bedroom of the party.

“If you look at the contracts given to companies there are very few people from other tribes. If you want to do business, you are either from Luapula, Northern etc, or you are a member of the ruling party. To show other people’s involvement what they will do is form of bantustans to show other people’s involvement,” Col Panji said. “By remaining quiet he (President Lungu) is agreeing that this (tribalism) is our policy as a party. We are supposed to show a good example to others. (Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema) HH when he was coming to power, a few people uttered tribal remarks and he remained quiet, but that stigma has remained on him. What is the difference with Lungu who is following in the same path?” -Daily Revelation


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