There is no way I will get out of prison with a vengeful and hateful heart- Hon. Nixon Chilangwa

Nickson Chilangwa
Nickson Chilangwa



To all colleagues, friends and family.

I desire to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers, messages of solidarity
support and encouragement!

Let me start by informing you all that I am perfectly ok, I am at peace, I have accepted
my situation, my fate, and I have quickly adjusted to prison life, learning and experiencing
new things here on a daily basis!

I am at peace because in all things we should thank God, in all things we should praise
God, and in all things we should wait upon God! I am sure, very sure that God has answered all our prayers as He is faithful and just!

There is a reason for everything, for God to have allowed this to happen there must be a reason.

There is something God wants me to learn, or there is something God is talking to me about because everything God does is good and for a very good reason.

Maybe I am here so that my life is preserved, or God is preparing me for another Mission in My

But throughout history we learn that the calling to service is not for the faint-hearted, nor
for cowards.
Unfortunately so.

Is it not ironic that the UPND leadership and president HH can be so obsessed with me in
this fashion? They have become so stone-hearted with no regard to the feelings and liberties of others.

As long as it gives them joy and meets the desires of their hearts.

Zambia deserves better leadership and God will provide.

But believers will learn from the Bible how stone-hearted Joseph’s brothers became, how stone-hearted Pharaoh of Egypt became towards the children of Israel, even how stone-hearted those who conspired against Jesus became.

In our country we know how stone-hearted those who conspired against President Kaunda became and how stone-hearted those who conspired against President Chiluba became. This is summed up in Ecc 1: 9, “there is nothing new under the sun. What has been done will be done, what has happened will

I am blessed because I am in a place where people love me genuinely in Kawambwa and ordinary people are visiting me on daily basis and providing for my daily needs.

This is so humbling even when they themselves are struggling they are sacrificing for me. Not
the elite or the well-to-do but the under-privileged.

My cellmates are an incredible lot who are giving me all the support, they are sharing their food and other supplies with me. They are praying and sharing the word of God with
me and this is just another topic for another day.

I am spending my time prayers, talking to God, understanding His word, reading, writing, taking time to listen to different stories from my new found friends as to how they got here.

At the rate things have unfolded in my first 10 days here in prison, this will be a very fulfilling
mission and a big turning point in my life.

There is no way I will get out of prison with a vengeful and hateful heart if God desires that I come out. I am ready for either a short-haul or indeed the long-haul here.

For the PF family, it is time to stand up and be counted.

It is time for all of us to show leadership and fill in the gaps. The time for the blame game is long gone.

I wish you all peace and grace from above.

Kawambwa State Prison


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