“There were more GRZ vehicles in LUKUTU Ward than the voters”

Kelvin Sichizya

April 16, 2022 – Mporokoso Central Member of Parliament Brian Mundubile says “there were more GRZ vehicles in LUKUTU Ward in Luwingu than the voters President Kaakainde Hichilema wanted

And Mr. Mundubile, the leader of the opposition in Parliament says President Hichilema has always preached the prudent use of resources but” unfortunately, he is not living by that.

Speaking radio Mano in Kasama today, the PF Member of the Central Committee (MCC) said the fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters and over 50 GRZ vehicles President Hichilema brought to Kasama and to the Ward when he went to drum up support for the UPND candidate in the Ward by-election was too costly to government and not the true reflection of prudent use of resources as he preached

He said “his visit to LUKUTU brought several Ministers, Civil Servants such as District Commissioners from all over and said, the President himself was not being prudent with the use of government resources”

Mr. Mundubile, flanked by Chilubi Member of Parliament Francis Mulenga Fube said in the Eight (😎 months that the United Party for National Development (UPND) has been in power, no major decisions to move the country forward have been made”and as a country, we have remained in Auto-pilot and not knowing what next.

“We respect President Hichilema, not as they demonized former President Edgar Lungu” and said PF allows its senior officials such as Mayors to receive him at airports”, a thing they never did for former President Lungu whom they even refused to recognize.

The leader of the opposition has called on the UPND to tell the people of Zambia the truth to correct the picture they have created on PF being corrupt because they have failed to find proof saying” witch-hunting has not worked for them”.

On the issue cadreisim, Mr. Mundubile said, cadreisim is still very rife in the ruling UPND saying “what happened in LUKUTU is unbelievable” the violence which started just before he came was unbelievable.

He said that PF is proud that it participated in the elections despite the use of government machinery and intimidation which included threats to remove people from the Social Cash Transfer (SCT) if they didn’t vote for the UPND.

The PF Chairperson for Legal said the popularity of UPND has continued to nose-dive and said, despite the ruling party disabling the former ruling party, Impounding its vehicles, PF still remained the strongest in the opposition.

Whether we appeal against the election result or not, UPND should not think they will continue winning the elections and especially in 2026.


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