It’s very clear that there’s an attempt within the UPND/NDC alliance to undermine Chishimba Kambwili and eventually get rid of him.

It’s very clear that this is a troubled alliance. The UPND has realised that there isn’t much political mileage it is going to get from Kambwili. Not all that glitters is gold.

The UPND doesn’t seem to be ready to have Kambwili as a running mate for Hakainde Hichilema. But they don’t seem to have the political and moral courage to tell him this – hence their resorting to mudslinging tactics.

It’s not difficult to discern who is behind the story of Kambwili double dealing. If they have the evidence of Kambwili prostituting himself with the Patriotic Front, why hide behind anonymous sources and not just expose him openly?

Fairness requires that Kambwili is given the opportunity to face his accusers, they shouldn’t hide behind anonymity.

But the truth is there can be no NDC worth going into an alliance with without Kambwili. NDC is nothing without Kambwili as UPND is nothing without Hakainde.

And those trying to undermine Kambwili know this very well. There’s no UPND/NDC alliance they are trying to save. They are simply looking for justification to get rid of a dead alliance without losing face.

For some time things seemed to be working well because legally Kambwili had no political party – NDC was deregistered – and the UPND was in alliance with itself. Kambwili and his members were simply expected to join UPND. But now NDC’s registration has been restored. The political dynamics have changed.

It’s not a secret that NDC is beset by many problems, financial and otherwise. Some of its members now don’t see any future in the party and would like to find ways to join UPND and become more valuable and acceptable.

There’s a miscalculation here. Kambwili won’t leave the alliance without a big fight. Those trying to get rid of him from NDC are jokers who don’t to know what they are doing and its consequences. Let’s wait and see what is next!


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