Fred M'membe


…as Police fail to proceed with ESPIONAGE case

Lusaka, Friday, December 1, 2023 ( Smart Eagles)

Leader of the opposition Socialist Party (SP) Fred M’membe has disclosed that police are not ready to proceed with any case that they have arrested him for.

Police were today supposed to proceed with the espionage case that the opposition leader stands charged with.

In an interview with the press, Dr Fred M’membe’s lawyer, Simon Mwila said he received a call from senior police officers alerting him that they were not ready to proceed.

“The matter where Dr Fred M’membe is alleged to have committed an offence of espionage was supposed to take off this morning. Unfortunately, we were called early in the morning as a legal team by senior police officers from Force Headquarters who indicated to us that they are not ready for us despite them having signed on the police bond for the client saying he should appear today before the chief resident magistrate in court 3 at subordinate Court in Lusaka,” he said.

“So we wait to hear for any information that is going to come and we will be going to the police Headquarters to extend the bond that was granted to our client.”

And Dr M’membe told the press in an interview that Police arrested him in a hurry.

He wondered how much time they need to proceed with the matter.

“The police are not ready to proceed with the so called espionage case. I don’t know how much time they need to be ready because this issue has been on for a long time. They arrested me in a hurry, they could not even give me bond, they had to lock me up,” he said.

“Now they are not ready to proceed with any case. By any case I mean all the cases they have arrested me on so far, none of them has proceeded. Why arrest if they are not ready to proceed? If they have not completed their investigations why arrest someone?”

He said the cases he stands charged with are political cases meant to cripple opposition.

“Again, it shows abuses on the criminal justice system, to fix political opponents. These are not legitimate criminal cases. These are political cases to try and cripple the opposition, to try and weaken the opposition. To try and intimidate us. This is not a recipe for governing well,” he said.


  1. What is it? Under Lungu all the PF caders became POPOs. The police was liable for threatening to kill a citizen who had not committed any crime. If someone approached with a gun like Tayali was and you have heard a gun being popped and bullets have been discharged and innocent people. What would report to the authorities? Would say I was threatened at gun point and press charges. The only difference in that the illegal threatening part is the government. We know all your adult life you have never been law abiding.

  2. Membe, you are not the judge of your own case, wait, until you go to jail, then you will say, the convinction was politically motivated. STUPID IDIOT.

    Desist from committing crimes and you will have nothing to worry about, for now worry about your pending imprisonment. STUPID IDIOT.


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