These are signs of an outgoing govt – Nakachinda


These are signs of an outgoing govt – Nakachinda

These are signs that this is a government that has lost an election that is coming in 2026, says PF secretary general Raphael Nakachinda.

Nakachinda has accused Inspector General of Police Graphael Musamba of de-campaigning President Hakainde Hichilema, by abusing the police.

Speaking to Daily Revelation following the police decision to disrupt the planned memorial for late Tutwa Ngulube in Kabwe, Nakachinda said the UPND is hanging on a shoestring and are hoping that by exerting brutality…


  1. Razor you are right Raphael Nakachinda had experience of killing political parties. Certainly the imported PF fool has jo experience on outgoing government. The PF fool just wants to eat Edgar Lungu’s money

  2. Bwana you need bigger binoculars, what is it that PF has done to even think of winning in 2026 sure, right now you have factions which is further de railling you, no wonder you can’t see trains on a railway line


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