Mpika Lawmaker Hon Francis Kapyanga


………says consent Judgments are a misplaced priority by Government and worser than scammers claiming to have “impiya shabalanda”

Lusaka……… Wednesday, November 29. 2023. [SMART Eagles]

The Insatiable Appetite for Compensating UPND Cadres through Consent Judgments is a misplaced Priority worser than Scammers claiming to have ‘impiya Shabalanda’, Mpika Lawmaker Hon Francis Kapyanga has said.

Hon Kapyanga described the compensations as a strategy meant to siphon state resources to empower the UPND Members and Cadres.

He said it is worrisome that at a point people need basic services, the money is being used to compensate a few individuals.

“He says in the past two years, a number of UPND aligned Members compensated through Consent judgement has increased.

He said what is surprising that on some of the Judgements, they are dealing with cases which were discontinued by the DPP through a nolle prosequi and not an acquittal.

“The monies being given to the cadres, the money they are spending to buy off councillors are monies that can be used to buy essential commodities. It is disappointing that people such as Mumbi Phiri who were detained for a long period of time have not been compensated. We have those who killed our brother Kungo, most Zambians who have been abused by state agencies have not been compensated,” he explained.

In another development, Wusakile Member of Parliament Pavyuma Kalobo says Government must reverse the Mineral Royalty to ensure the country benefits from its mines.

He said the incentives given to the Mines are hindering the growth of the Kwacha.

Hon Kalobo said the Local Curency is suffering because of the bad decisions made in the Mining Sector.

He said non of the companies benefiting from the policy are investing in copper mining.

“All the proceeds from the minerals must come into Zambia. Look at how the Kwacha is suffering. We need to tax the mines and get what Zambia deserves,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chama North Member of Parliament Yotam Mutayachalo has called for a strong trade union that speaks for the welfare of the employees.

Hon Mutayachalo said trade unions must wake up and start representing workers amid the increase in the cost of living and general prices of goods and services.

He said this in reaction to the recent threats by the Judicial Workers and Allied Workers Union to down tools if their proposals are not met by the Emoluments commission.

“The threat by Judicial Workers to go on Strike is valid. It does not make sense for the emoluments commission to be determining parameters on negotiations,” he said.

Also Present during the briefing was Hon Kampampi Mulenga, Hon Cliff Mpundu and Hon Anthony Kasandwe.


  1. The Patriotic Front Party members like Kapyongo today they have courage to talk about corruption and mismanagement of public resources . Zambia is facing economic challenges because criminals during the Patriotic Front Parry regime mismanaged the economy by corruption, stealing and embezzling public funds. They heavily borrowed money and got loans with the aim to find a away to steal public money by constructing poor roads, hospitals and other infrastructure projects which they the inflated costs. Stealing and embezzlement of public funds was lifestyle and norm during the reign of an Alcoholic and corrup former president.

    It is sad to hear Patriotic Front Party members opening their mouths carelessly to talk about corruption and how bad the economy has become today. Patriotic Front criminals who embezzled public money should be arrested the delay in prosecuting them is making them pompous and arrogant. The new dawn should quickly arrest all the PF criminals and crooks who embezzled public money and be prosecuted.

    It is only in Zambia that a criminal, corrupt and drunkard former leader have the audacity of coming back to active politics to run for presidency. What morals does PF members have to talk about corruption and good governance?


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