…not me, says Dr Fred M’membe upon arrival at Ibex Police Station for questioning, where he met 6th President ECL who offered him solidarity

Lusaka, Wednesday, November 14, 2023 (Smart Eagles)

“Is Socialist Party President Dr Fred M’membe getting arrested today?” is the question lingering amongst Zambians today, especially following the arrest of the leaders in the opposition Patriotic Front – PF yesterday.

Speaking upon the arrival at Ibex Police Station today, Dr M’membe said government should fight hunger and not him.

The opposition leader said it would be good if they arrested him for causing hunger in the country.

This comes amid the high cost of living Zambians are grappling with.

Cries of the majority Zambians who are wallowing in abject poverty have seemingly continued landing on deaf Ears and their tears have gone unnoticed as UPND neglects the “heaven on earth” promises made prior to 2021 elections.

Asked if he had an idea why he was summoned, he said “no, it’s them who know. They have not told me, they have just summoned me. I wish I knew. But whatever they have summoned me for, it is okay”

“Wherever they want to take me, if they want to take me to Bweengwa, it’s okay, I am ready for that and I have carried my stuff.”

And Dr M’membe’s counterpart and PF President, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu who went to offer him solidarity while visiting PF Secretary General Hon. Raphael Mangani Nakacinda at the same Police Station said “as long as president (M’membe) is here, as long as Nakacinda is here, we will come back. If they remove them from here you wont see us here.”

As he exited the premises, he said to the police officers “thank you much, we have been peaceful, we go in peace.”

It is believed that Police are investigating a complaint from Nevers Mumba regarding a Zimbabwean documentary about SADC Election Observer Mission in which Dr M’membe, Given Lubinda, Raphael Nakacinda, Chilufya Tayali and Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba gave comments.

And Socialist Party General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali castigated government over the arrest of opposition leaders.

“What should be arrested is hunger, what should be arrested is the discontent of the Zambian masses. That is what should be arrested. And trying to deflect the situation doesn’t help at all. So all these leaders are being arrested on trumped up charges and this is unacceptable,” he said.

“It is an infringement on human rights of these people and Zambians have been duped. Zambians have voted in one of the worst dictators, a puppet of imperialism, someone who is failing to deliver to the masses and using tyranny to ensure that he gets his way through. Zambians are watching. You can intimidate some of these leaders and you will never be able to intimidate Zambians everywhere, wherever they are.”


  1. This is what is causing the Kwacha to depreciate!
    Why has UPND and their SDA church Elder chosen such a self-destructive path?
    Why are the SDA Pastors and Elders not giving good counsel to their members in positions of responsibility?
    You can only be quiet if you are part of the problem!

  2. Jobless hypocrites, since when did the one who fell down on you like bricks become your friend?

    Zambians are not as stupid as you are, they can see through political hypocrisy and not sympathize with the idiots but wish them long jail terms. STUPID IDIOTS.

  3. Watch World news. All over the world countries are grappling with high fuel prices and high cost of food. Are all these countries ruled by Hakainde? Foolish Fred even being escorted by the same person that destroyed your popular Post news paper. The same person that did not allow you democracy and you foolishly believe you have an alley ?

    • They are too dull to know what is happening around the globe. They play with junkies and cadres and listen to the same chorus ati insala. And you know these people are so lazy they can’t lift a finger to work… used to free things. Fuledi thinks politics is child’s play, you want to play in the rain and not get muddy? He thinks he is so special wanting to get away with everything, we are not a lawless country. He is everything bad in politics.

  4. At the end of the day, it is not the Politicians and their Families who suffer, but the Citizens. An average Zambian Politician is already rich by Zambian Standards. The main reason why Zambian Politicians fight one another daily, like mad rabid dogs is EITHER to protect their ill-gotten Loot OR each one with his surrogates wanting to have control and access to the National Treasury and Natural Resources to loot and plunder. NOTHING to do with Service to the Citizens, don’t be gullible and be fooled by joining their Fights.

  5. In fact, point of correction, no one is fight any idiot, the police are simply doing their noble job of arresting suspected terrorists and STUPID IDIOTS.

  6. In fact, point of correction, no one is fighting any idiot, the police are simply doing their noble job of arresting suspected terrorists and STUPID IDIOTS.

  7. These idiots are even entering the police station minus any harassment,congratulations to the new dawn government for giving these fools freedom of speech even when they are in cells, regrouping just like they did before 2021 against one person, wait come 2026,you will sweat blood crying again


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