By Daily Revelation Reporter

Former president Egdar Lungu has announced that he has left the house which the government was renting for him in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill.

On Saturday, during the memorial commemorations of predecessor Michael Chilufya Sata, Lungu said he has come back to active politics as PF president.

Lungu told journalists at Police Force Headquarters when he went to enquire why there was police at the PF secretariat where he was denied entry by the officers who had sealed the premises there.

Lungu said he was going home to help his wife pack.

“Okay you can do that. I am going to help my wife pack. We started packing yesterday. We left that home and we never spent a night there today, this morning, but I am told they are organizing cadres to go and hound my wife out of the house,” Lungu said. “We have already packed, we have left. We didn’t even spend a night there and they think they can blackmail me with crumbs and all these things babepelefye (it won’t happen). I will seek my right and I will participate to the extent that I will be allowed by my political party.”

He also said he was going home to check and see what was happening.

Lungu further appealed to those allegedly organizing cadres to tell them not to go to his former house.

“So I am going home just checking what the situation is but please tell them ba UPND, the cadres not to come home. Ifwe (us) we will go and we have already left. In fact inshilelemo nokulala ine mulya mung’anda eyo tulepulila boi (I have not even slept in that house. We are just begging). Walishiba ukupulila (do you know what begging means)?” He asked as he was going to board the vehicle.

Earlier, Lungu said police at Headquarters told PF members who gathered there to go to the secretariat and that they will tell them when to go in the afternoon when the Inspector General of police is ready.

He said they later changed the story that they were in the wrong place, and they should go and see Nkanza at the divisional headquarters as he was the one with answers.

“So clearly they are playing games so I don’t know where to go so the police can’t help me at this level to understand why there are police men at our party secretariat. We seek divine intervention to help us because where do we go to, we have got no capacity to fight those police men with those guns and armored vehicles,” Lungu complained. “These guys can’t even pick up a phone and ask Nkanza what is happening. So it’s like a hide and seek game.”

In his clarification to the media, Lubinda said PF had got information that some people had gone to the police to seek police protection for them to go to Lungu’s house to protest that he must leave the house.

”This is totally unbelievable that in a country which has a respect of rules, a respect of laws and procedure can use cadres as a way of frustrating and intimidating and embarrassing the former Head of State,” Lubinda said.

He said the good news was that when President Lungu made the decision on Saturday to get back to politics, it was a conscious decision and he said he was willing to face all the consequences.

Lubinda said the former president has already left the house and the protest they wanted to stage is total sham and a total waste of time.

“President Lungu did not even spend a night in that house and has secured alternative accommodation,” Lubinda said.

He said the fact that the four of them could be allowed and Lungu was not allowed, goes to show that it is targeted at him.

“This is a personal issue. It is you they are targeting and I think the best … let us give them the time they have asked for. He told me that by 14:30 hours, they will call. We have left our numbers if they don’t answer, we shall come and camp here and tomorrow overnight,” said Lubinda.


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