They think they can blackmail me with crumbs… babepelefye – Egdar Lungu


They think they can blackmail me with crumbs – Edgar … babepelefye

Former president Egdar Lungu has announced that he has left the house which the government was renting for him in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill.

On Saturday, during the memorial commemorations of predecessor Michael Chilufya Sata, Lungu said he has come back to active politics as PF president.

Lungu told journalists at Police Force Headquarters when he went to enquire why there was police at the PF secretariat where he was denied entry by the officers who had sealed the premises there.

Lungu said he was going home to help his wife pack.

“Okay you can do that. I am going to help my wife pack. We started packing yesterday. We left that home and we never spent a night there today, this morning, but I am told they are organizing cadres to go and hound my wife out of…


  1. It’s a testament to just how much money Edgar Lungu has when he describes retirement benefits of a former president as crumbs. He’s of course not poor given how much money Esther Lungu could entrust to a relative. It was a cool, wait for it, 400, 000 US dollars in cash. And surprise, surprise, the PF are not embarrassed by it all. This country is damned.

  2. What the state should know is that there’s no law in the Zambian constitution that denies the former president of his terminal benefits when he joins active politics. Refer to the article written by Kerrys Kaunda on the “Law on terminal benefits of a former president”.

    • I hv not written about whether Edgar Lungu should be getting retirement benefits or not getting them. I have only written that he has described the benefits as crumbs. Take your anger elsewhere.

  3. You resigned and retired in secrecy by writing to Miti who you used both as personal secretary and also as secretary to the cabinet. In leadership we need people who are honest with integrity. You still behave like a street dealer. Nothing has changed about you. We not sure what you want. To come and still whatever HH has managed to get from well wishers? Don’t cry, First payback the money.


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