Things are so bad even a cow can defeat Hakainde… opposition shall defeat his ‘stressful’ brain – Nawakwi


Things are so bad even a cow can defeat Hakainde – Nawakwi … opposition shall defeat his ‘stressful’ brain

Hakainde’s unhappy space in his brain is always active, no wonder he wants to exert maximum revenge, says FDD leader Edith Nawakwi.

But former Foreign Affairs permanent secretary George Zulu said the decision by Edgar Lungu to return to active politics is a wrong and risky one going by previous experiences.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Nawakwi said the opposition, both good and bad, were mobilising, with the primary goal of removing…


  1. Meaning you have become less than a cow. Imagine how drastic your imagination has become. Have you forgotten you are the opposition and hence the legal opponents and not a cow.

    It’s ironic that as you try to disrespect your opponents you are actually insulting your self in the process. Therefore to admit that a cow can be your replacement is way to low. Don’t you think.

    Unless of you mean intellectually you have become less intelligent than a cow. Imagine that, quite interest peace of thought.

  2. Madame, you can keep on dreaming, is it not the same combined opposition which HH defeated? You have been in opposition yourself for more than twenty years now, try to stand with HH and see if you are going to defeat him. Then it means you are below a cow. Stop cheating and misleading yourself and the people, internal wrangles in PF don’t make things to be bad in the country. As at now you the current crop of opposition can’t defeat HH. This is the reason why PF is currently engulfed in confusion because after weighing themselves, the aspiring candidates saw that they are incapable of challenging HH, hence the pleading and bringing back of Lungu into active politics who will also be miserably defeated again.

  3. Those lamentations of a failed opposition leader. She has been trying to be president for 40 years but completely failed.
    She even sounds illusory because she can’t even mention one opposition leader that defeat HH. People love HH and they know he is the best for our country.
    Nobody is foolish enough to elect an arrogant and useless woman like Nawakwi who in Ila we say “ulaakabanga” and shouldn’t be brought in the village for fear of contaminating others!
    She knows her dormant party is lying on the bed of political death.
    Very soon, 90 days will elapse and that ka moribund party will be automatically deregistered. She is talking with her stale pussey and what she says has no substance at all! Miss Edith Kabanga Nawakwi, you have past it!!

  4. Madam Nawakwi it means that you are so useless as an opposition leader that you cannot stand anywhere in any election. You have no councilor, no mayor, no sg, nothing. All you have is a head that is so disrespectful so much that no fellow woman can vote for you. You will grow old in a one man opposition party. Bally is our president and he is the right man for the job. You bahave as if you have never been to school. Grow up.

  5. No wonder Zambian democracy is a joke with politicians like Nawakwi who inderstands cows can participate in the political arena! She is uniquely gifted to probably be able to have cow level mentality and discourse! Sad abuse of freedom of speech and application of democratic principles and rights! Why are politicians considered to be alternatives for the presidency so mediocre in embracing civilized exploitation of the democratic principles and respect/obeying of the law to build a stronger democracy! What Zambia has is a leadership in government trying to change mindset for cleaner and more better ways of behavioral conduct when it comes to divergent political beliefs and an opposition running around like headless chickens (gross) with no priciples to what they are striving for or are against!

  6. If you believe that Mealie meal means everything to people’s lives, and all else is secondary, you are very mistaken.

    Nshima cannot singlehandedly determine the future of this country.

    As of now, there is no opposition politician with a national appeal and acceptance to defeat HH.


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