‘THIRD FORCE’ COURTS JOHN SANGWA FOR 2026 … As Sangwa says “ubufumu tabaifwika”

John Sangwa

‘THIRD FORCE’ COURTS SANGWA FOR 2026 … As Sangwa says “ubufumu tabaifwika”

Information has emerged that State Counsel John Sangwa is being courted by the consultative movement calling itself the third force to take a more prominent role in the group ahead of the 2026 general elections.

And Sangwa when contacted for comment by Daily Revelation Newspaper said he would not comment on the matter because “ufumu tabaif… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/third-force-courts-sangwa-for-2026-as-sangwa-says-ubufumu-tabaifwika


    • Ba Indigo, how much do you know about Mr. Sangwa? Do not be hasty or you will regret voting for Mr. Sangwa just like you regret voting for HH, assuming you really voted for him.

      I would rather wait until I know more about him before commiting myself. What is the basis of your enthusiastic endorsement of Mr. Sangwa?

      “Akashi ushilala bakakumbwa umutenge”.

  1. That will be a good development. We need Competition..that’s what democracy is all about. Professor Clive Chirwa is also out there.. Zambia is not short of leaders who will respect the rule of law, constitutionalism, and our democratic Institutions. People fought for Zambia to be a multi party democracy. We can’t have a person who is destroying everything.. Arresting councillors on the date of elections so that you can win elections! Come on this is the lowest Zambia has sunk.
    It was a mistake to give power to the UPND. The UPND project is something else . it’s politics were divisive in Opposition, and it’s governance has continued being divisive..and destructive to our democracy. John Sangwa SC you are game, and many people will support you.

    • Clive Chirwa who cant explain to us what happened to the Zambia Railways Euro Bond?
      We need morally upright leaders. Clive is an opportunitist. No different from Edgar Lungu.
      Leadership is stewardship. Please look up the meaning. Persons serving for no reason but to lift up the liveihood of the people. And not the animal farm kind. That is what we see in Mmembe and socialist proponents.
      Socialism promotes class. Where people enjoy a particular class to rule others. Not to serve. They dont earn or work to serve but rule. That is not public service.

    • Yeboo…a flip-flop. UPND is doing OK in laying a solid medium & long term foundation. The worst party will 4ever be Ichipani.

  2. Sangwa would definitely bask in the support and vote of the elite and tertiary students countrywide. Though that wd nt be adequate to win the popular vote to take him to Plot 1.

    HH wd easily carry the day as the UPND is strong at the grassroots. Besides, a Presidential campaign is costly. Sangwa, a law teacher, wd need financial heavyweights who may not be here or there to bankroll his campaign.

  3. Let him continue with his law practice. Lawyers are generally poor administrators. It’s one thing to articulate fine points of the law. Running a party and government is whole new different beast. I honestly believe we need a Rwanda type dictatorship in order to get traction for our development. These social media bound opposition opportunists/leaders are a jokers.

  4. Lawyers have failed us. As for Sangwa, he thinks he is the best legal brain around. Yet he has never won any case! For him, all constitutional court judges are not qualified. The speaker is not suitable …..can go on and on. He calls others stupid just because he is a constitutional lawyer. How many high profile cases has he won. He has just dumped the 7 PF presidential candidates! He looks intelligent but he is not a reasonable lawyer. This Country is on the right trajectory.

  5. This is nonsensical. Who is sangwa apart from being a simple lawyer? Try the Law Association of Zambia again before you dream of being a Republican President!! Too much of you joker’s.


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