By Charles Tembo

THE PF is just so annoying to the Zambian people, says Johnson Mpundu.

Mpundu, who is former PF member of the central committee, says the PF should stop using the name of Edgar Lungu because it brings bad memories to the people.

During PF women’s movement launch in Ndola on Sunday, acting PF secretary general Nickson Chilangwa introduced a song mocking Zambians.

According to Chilangwa, the song was stating that the PF told the Zambians to vote on the boat, but they opted to vote on a cow which has now caused suffering.

Part of lyrics go as follows: “Ubupuba bobe (your foolishness). PF told you to vote pa bwato (on the boat) and you voted pa ngombe, nomba lelo ulechula (on the cow, and today you are suffering).”

But Mpundu said the arrogance of Chilangwa was shocking.

“This man called Nickson Chilangwa should first look at himself. This level of arrogance is so annoying to the Zambian people. This Chilangwa man is so rude and this is not helping the PF to rebrand. Instead of focusing on rebranding, [he is] busy insulting the Zambian people. The PF is unrepentant,” he said.

“The PF is obviously shocked with the freedom they are enjoying today. Look at their meeting, instead of preaching peace and reconciliation they went on top to insult and show arrogance.”
Mpundu said the PF was putting Lungu in a difficult position.

“The problem with PF, they continue to put the name of Edgar Lungu at risk. We know that the man has retired. But why do they always say Edgar Lungu this and that? Let them move him off the picture,” urged Mpundu.


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